World Mental Health Day

Take a moment today to check in on someone, and that includes yourself, who might be having a tough time, struggling with their emotions, experiencing inner turmoil, overwhelmed by stress...

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In Australia one in five are affected by mental illness yet they don't seek help because of the stigma attached to it. Whereas they'd have no issue going to their GP to treat a common cold or other illness. 

It's time to shed a positive light on the issues that are swirling around inside people's heads and let them, or let yourself, know that you're not alone if you feel confused, experience paralysing thoughts, or are suffering from depression or anxiety... Did you know that some 2 million Aussies suffer from anxiety every year? And that around 8 Australians take their lives each day. The statistics are devastating.

Let's not shy away from seeking help, or recognising that others need help. And if someone asks you how you're feeling, don't be afraid to tell them the truth. Life is not a popularity contest. It's survival, and we need support, community, and physical and mental health to survive at our best. 

Help is out there, and talking to someone and sharing your story is often the first step to getting better. 

Many neighbourhood community centres are offering workshops to help people understand mental health issues. Visit Mental Health Australia for more information. 

Feeling mentally unwell is NOT hopeless. You can get better. 

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If you or someone you care about needs help don't suffer in silence - contact one of these National 24/7 Crisis Counselling Services.


13 11 14


Suicide Call Back Service

1300 659 467



1300 22 4636


MensLine Australia

1300 78 99 78


Kids Helpline

1800 55 1800 (27/7 crisis support)



1800 650 890 (direct clinical services)


Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service

1800 011 046

Mother's Day Matcha

As Mother's Day approaches, Health Bird speaks to mother and daughter team Erin and Jennifer,  the founders of Zen Green Tea, on how to work in harmony with your mum.

Four years ago they predicted matcha would become a huge health phenomenon and sourced the highest quality matcha from sustainable tea farms in Kyoto in Japan. Now with matcha bars popping up in hipster neighbourhoods and with Zen Green Tea being sold in over 3000 retailers across Australia - who better to offer these top five tips on creating a business and keeping a healthy relationship with your mum...

1. Understand your skills: I loved pushing forward to grow the business whereas my mum loved customer service so we both focused on those areas therefore each contributing the most value in tasks we most enjoyed.

2. Talk about your goals: Make sure you set up your business so you are both working toward achieving your goals. I wanted to grow my business whereas my mum wanted to help and spend more time with me until my dad retired and they could travel. 

3. Clear Communication: Establish time every week to provide feedback to one another to ensure clear and honest communication. Don't let your personal relationship stop you from raising concerns or improvement points.

4. Be ThankfulOften with family it can be easy to take them for granted. Ensure you always praise and thank your mum or daughter and be grateful to be able to work with them.

5.  Spend time together away from the business: It’s easy to let every conversation be about the business but it’s important to also get away from that and do other fun non business activities together

Entrepreneurial Mother-Daughter Duo, Jennifer and Erin

Entrepreneurial Mother-Daughter Duo, Jennifer and Erin

The Endless Health Benefits of Matcha

• 137 X antioxidants of standard green tea

• Boosts metabolism to aid in weight loss

• Cancer fighter and preventer

• Detoxifies naturally

• Increases energy

• Reduces stress, enhances mood

• Improves concentration

• Supports the immune system

• Clears, protects and maintains healthy skin

Silent Disco Yoga - The New Flow

Silent Disco Yoga

Disco yoga? Yeah, it’s a thing.

Kate Kendall leads Flow Athletic devotees through Silent Disco Yoga Moves

Kate Kendall leads Flow Athletic devotees through Silent Disco Yoga Moves

Last week I was invited to a warehouse space in St Peters in Sydney’s inner west. All I knew was that I’d be participating in ‘silent disco yoga’, that I should bring a mat and have my lobes prepped for headphones.

The evening was a special event – Flow After Dark - put on by Flow Athletic, the wellness space run by a yoga teacher and former NRL player in Paddington that’s been bridging the gap between cardio and calming since they opened in 2013.

So it’s no surprise that the revolutionary wellness space would bring disco yoga Down Under.

When the steely roller door lifted on the secret space, hundreds of legging-decked gals and head-banded guys eagerly paced inside with their yoga mats to find a place amongst an undercover fairground of carousels and boardwalk-style games and entertainment. The location was the event space favourite, Fairground Follies.

We were all handed glow-in-the-dark headphones courtesy of Silent Sounds and once kitted up, Kate Kendall, co-owner and yoga director of Flow Athletic lead us through an hour of Asana practice.

Back bends and other inversions were avoided since they would’ve been a little tricky with a headset on, but it was an otherwise energetic sequence of series one moves. The music was more ambient than upbeat but I’m told there might be another more beat-laden event in the near future.

Silent Disco Yoga inside Fairground Follies 

Silent Disco Yoga inside Fairground Follies 

Already a hit in Hong Kong and the US where companies like Sound Off are extending their shushed sounds to other activities like Zumba and Barre classes.

Sound Off in the US

Sound Off in the US

Disco Yoga in Melbourne also offers a powerful Vinyasa session and freestyle dancing lead by a live (and not so silent) DJ playing house music. 

Pic courtesy of Disco Yoga website 

Pic courtesy of Disco Yoga website 

Couples Yoga! The new relationship trend!

When it comes to yoga, it's a constantly evolving practice that's been tipping the trend scales way before hipsters caught on and Instagram lit up with headstands and backbends. 

Shyamala Benakovic, Yoga Australia's CEO, is one flexible gal who's always meditating on ways to extend the practice. She shared with health bird her take on the top five yoga trends for 2016. 

Whether you want to skip couple's therapy for a relationship recalibrating asana session or teach your pooch to meditate - it's all here!

Pic courtesy of

Pic courtesy of

Cultural diversification: Yogis in Australia are exploring the integration of aboriginal story telling into the practice versus the traditional connections to Hinduism.

SUP yoga: Asana practiced on the water, the perfect summer combination to increase balance and core strength.

Yoga Dance: The combination of yoga and dance helps to promote co-ordination and enhance the physical aspect while bringing in a variety of music genres.

Couples yoga: Designed to strengthen relationships both spiritually and physically.

Doga: Also know as dog yoga combines stretching, mediation and massage for owners and their furry friends.

The Future of Love

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, single, dating or other, we've all got love on the mind. Am I right, ladies?

So I got to wondering, what does the future of love, or finding and keeping love, hold? What I discovered really does make falling in love seem like a crazy idea!

Chris Riddell, Australia’s leading futurist,  has shed the love light on how technology is going to transform the way we connect and fall in love. Online dating already accounts for 25% of new relationships, and according to Chris, by the year 2031 half of all new couples will first meet online. But rather than swiping right, potential partners will be accessed via wearable tech not dissimilar to your FitBit. 

Dating sites as we know them today will all but disappear, and social media will become the cornerstone of new relationships. Sounds about as scary as a double dozen burpees. Right? But just like jump squats, it's actually not that bad at all... 

“Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives, and it's getting more intelligent by the day. With this intelligence, means that decisions can be made without us even touching a button. This is a very real future, and it’s powered by automation, robotics and artificial intelligence,” explains Chris Riddell.

Automatic Matching, wearable tech “swipes right” for you: Within just a few years, our wearable and smartphone devices will know if we are single, and if a compatible match is nearby. Once the match has been discovered, our devices will begin 'sexting' each other automatically, and then you'll be notified. 

“Imagine being notified of a match, whilst wearing your 'augmented reality contact lenses', and then being shown the direction of where the match is through your screen. If they're not in the same vicinity, you'll be able to use virtual reality technology to touch, feel and smell them remotely. Nobody will be too far away, and long distance relationships will become a thing of the past,” says Chris Riddell. 

Smell them remotely? Yes, that is what he said. 

Love Profiling: Once you've connected with your new potential date, this is where things get really interesting. You won't have to worry anymore about whether or not they're a good match. You'll then be given a full profile of the other individual, including their biometric details, their fitness and wellbeing likes, dislikes,  and what your potential children might look like. 

“Don't believe me? It's a lot closer than you think. DNA profiling companies are already available online, and harvesting this data. They've been doing it for years and it's allowing us to have very detailed insights into our health, and future,” explains Chris.

Robotic Companions: As if all that wasn't enough, within the next 15 years having two relationships at a time will be absolutely acceptable. The only catch is. One is with a robot. By the year 2031, we will have deep and personal relationships with robots every day of our lives. They will be helping us and with us 24 hours a day, and it'll be a new frontier. With the intelligence of robots getting smarter, you'll almost struggle to tell the difference between a robot and a human being. Apparently!

Why Mindfullness matters for your wellbeing

Wellbeing Check - The role of mindfulness in our overall health

Check in before you check out

Check in before you check out

Improve your overall health and wellbeing, by becoming mindful in your everyday choices. What choices you say? Well not necessarily where you'll buy your morning latte, but rather how much sleep you get each night, how much alcohol you will allow yourself to drink a week, how often you exercise, what your everyday diet is and how much water you imbibe a day. While some points are obvious, others can be a little harder to judge. That latte might help with alterness.. otherwise, take a look below for some of benefits associated with taking a mindful approach to your health.

 1.     It helps to relieve stress

When you stop and take a minute to digest what’s stressing you out, you will often find that the stress trigger is not as overwhelming as it once seemed. Take the time to think of small, step-by-step solutions to reduce the cause of your stress and you will soon find yourself improving a stressful situation or in some cases, realising that it’s not worth stressing about anyway.

2.     It helps you stay on track with a healthy diet

Leading Australia nutritionist and Blackmores (Australia's number one vitamin brand who just happen to be sponsoring the Australian Open, FYI!) influencer Dr. Joanna McMillan believes that mindfulness is really important to start becoming more in tune with your internal cues, your body telling you when you’ve had enough, and when you’re satisfied with the meal, rather than being responsive to external cues, seeing someone else eat something and wanting what they’re eating. McMillan also recommends that you avoid eating meals in front of the TV as you end up feeling less satisfied and may even forget that you’ve eaten. Follow McMillan’s number one tip, by only ever eating at the dining table (not on the couch!), using proper plates and cutlery and taking breaks between bites to allow yourself to eat more mindfully. 

3.     It allows you to be more conscious of your life

Co-founder of Flow Athletic and Blackmores influencer Kate Kendall uses the RAA technique to re-connect with herself. She explains that the first R stands for ‘reconnect’; take five minutes in the morning to breathe deeply and reconnect with yourself. The first A is ‘aware’, and it stands for focusing wholeheartedly on whatever you are doing at that moment, without distractions. The second A stands for ‘authentic’, or making decisions for your greater good and the greater good of everyone around you. Using the RAA technique offers a really stable foundation from which you can kind of move forwards in the direction of your own dreams. 

We often focus on improving individual aspects of our health such as fitness, nutrition and relaxation. Rather than seeing these as separate individual health aspects, we need to start looking at them as pieces of a puzzle that help to achieve our overall wellbeing – a content, happy and healthy state of the mind and body. Take the Blackmores Wellbeing Check today to take the guesswork out of your health and get a personalised assessment detailing areas you may wish to be more mindful of to improve your wellbeing. 


What does the coolest girl on the planet do to stay in shape? Exercise her mind!  When asked how she’d been staying in shape despite dealing with the stresses of divorceThe Voice coach, who is quite possibly the coolest girl on the planet, replied; 

“I haven’t really been working on my physical appearance. I’ve been working on my spiritual exercising,” adding, “And really trying to connect and be grateful, considerate, being present and living in the moment, and so that’s where I’ve put a lot of my exercise right now.”

Despite looking effortlessly toned and healthy, the recently single mum-of-three who's also healing her  Gwen's commitment to mindfulness is something worth meditating on

In 2013 the No Doubt songstress also told Marie Claire that she "Kind of stopped working out. I think my body just needed a break. And so I did that and focused more on feeling good as opposed to beating myself up." 

Cate Blanchett told is another busy mum who doesn't have too much time to bend and flex - accept when she's chasing after her four children -  but she does make time for meditation.


Bend & Sex

I know what you’re thinking.

“Really? You’re pushing pilates as a sex aid? OK, that’s not what you’re thinking at all. You’re thinking you can’t believe how fast you clicked the link to get here.  Read on for Johanna May Irwin's advice on the ways Pilates will enhance your private life... it's about more than just the magic circle.

Pelvic Floor Strength

Pilates practice has a strong focus on the pelvic area of the body, the pelvic floor in particular (yes, men have this, too).  Having control of the pelvic floor, knowing when to contract and when to release, and having an increase of blood flow are all very important and stimulating aspects of intercourse.


Pilates classes are all about technique and controlled movement. The focus is not about how fast you get the exercise done, but how well you do it. See where I’m going with this one?


Pilates requires a great deal of concentration. There is no checking off mental check lists during class. Your focus is purely on your body and how it is moving. This practice of mindfulness or being in the moment, help’s to stimulate the mind and the body. It’s also a great way to train yourself to be “in the moment” with your partner.


Whether it be a studio or a mat class, participants are required to use their own body weight as their equipment. This strength building teaches the body how to hold itself. I mean, sex cramps kind of kill the mood, don’t they?


Pilates teaches your body to move in ways that you didn’t think were possible. This increases the strength in the joints and greatly improves the flexibility of the body as a whole. Bottom Line: It allows for a more long lasting, limber love making session.

Bio: Known for her focus on whole body transformation, Johanna May Irwin has spent the last five years training and teaching Pilates to a growing client list that includes men and women of all ages as well as private celebrity clients. A graduate of the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, Johanna finished in the top 10 percent of her class and was invited to attend the New World School Of the Arts, in Miami, FL, on scholarship.

While in the United States, she began touring and was required to train six-hours a day. Both grueling and invigorating, she enthusiastically endured hours of movement– without a single injury. Upon completion of her studies abroad, Johanna moved back to her native Sydney to undertake her Diploma of Professional Pilates Practice and Trained with Pilates International, where she was subsequently hired and worked on-staff for several years thereafter.

Johanna’s dedication to the physical, mental and spiritual health of her clients has earned her recognition in a number of editorial features and a growing cliental that includes men and women of all ages as well as private celebrity clients. She credits her success to a strong understanding of both muscle structure and the disciplined movements that work to improve overall body health and function from the inside out. This is the knowledge she now provides to her clients in her new fully-functional studio.

Johanna May Irwin

Johanna May Irwin

access bars - throw out your brain trash


For more than 25 years Access Bars devotees have been accessing the 32 points on their head that allow them to find clarity, energy and clearance from everyday obstacles like cash flow, job confidence and relationship harmony.

Don’t write this off as just another holistic practice that works for some and not for others, Access Bars now has some real science behind with neuroscientists recording actual changes in brain waves – from beta to a much more relaxed theta wave - within an hour session.

The modality of tapping into these 32 Bars is based on the electromagnetic functioning of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs we’ve ever had. Phew, that’s a lifetime of energy scrambling for attention in your head right now. Ever felt confused? This could be why.

For example, each and every thought you’ve had about your earning potential is stored in a Bar called, you guessed it, ‘money’. Of the other 31 bars you can include body, creativity, power, sex and money – all the good stuff that keeps us awake at night.

Access Bars practitioners have the skill to clear the energy that’s become locked inside these Bars purely through their touch. From one bar to the next ‘issues’ are released, allowing for change in your thoughts and life.

Based on the past life theory, it’s thought that just five minutes of running bars can remove 5,000 – 10000 years of stagnant points of view. Whoa. I had to try this spring cleaning for the mind, so I met with globally recognised practitioner, Blossom Benedict in her fancy hotel room overlooking Central Park South for session.

She made me feel instantly at ease, enough that I felt comfortable lying on her bed with my head on her lap and her dog lying next to me. For an hour!

Blossom promises that “The worst ting that’ll happen is that you’ll fee like you had a great massage and the best thing is that your whole life will change. “

OK, let’s do this I thought, laying back, waiting for some great epiphany to take place. It didn’t. But Blossom assured me more sessions would. 

“You don’t know where you may go in the world today or tomorrow… and something might happen and you may or may not correlate it with the bars but you’ll just think, ‘that was different’ or something will feel easier. Or you’ll find you react differently to situations.”

Honestly I can’t say I did, notice anything much different. I just felt pretty tired. But hundreds of thousands of devotees can’t be wrong. Here’s what Blossom says of the modality that sees her travel the world.  

How often do you recommend sessions?

It’s an ongoing thing and initially I see people getting great results from having them done once a week for six weeks. That’s when they really shift something. The nice thing is people who get hooked on it want to take a class and once you do that you learn to run the Bars yourself. (Yes, people, you too can learn to do this). It’s quite easy to learn. And there are groups that get together and run bars and do clearings.

Is that what you travel around teaching?

I do a lot more of the verbal processing which has to do with the letting go of your cognitive points of view - the beliefs, the stories. I do a workshop called Right Voice For You and it’s working with access tools but on the stage, it’s about being more present with people, being more authentic in your life, showing up and coming out of your comfort zone. It uses the same access tools.

And it’s been around for 25 years?

Gary Douglas is the founder of Access. He channeled the bars originally. He had a download of this information about where to put his hands. In the past five years it’s gained momentum – it’s now in 173 countries, with over 3000 facilitators teaching classes.

So basically it’s about throwing out the trash in your head?

Yeah, so there are 32 different points in the head and they all correlate to an area of your life like money, body, control, creativity, sadness, joy… and when we press son them it’s like deleting files on a computer. All those old thoughts that we put into your brain at some point and are playing over and over and over – a habit, a pattern, your brain creates connections, there’s lots of activity, millions of files that we don’t really need. Bars deletes those.

What happens when they’re deleted?

The technical term is it’s ‘dissipating the electromagnetic component of thought’. Every thought actually has an electrical charge that stays in your brain and if we can dissipate that, then what you’re left with is your awareness, what’s true for you. You’re no longer functioning from conclusions, decisions, judgments, assumptions, your mum’s voice, or negative thoughts on your body.

Can you tell me some success stories?

We are putting together a documentary because there are so many stories. Bars run really fast on kids. I know a lot of kids who’ve had anxiety go away, and they’ve changed their relationship to school. It’s helped a lot of people change depression. There are a lot of stories of magic, like making money work, suddenly getting a job offer. It’s about becoming open to receiving.


Waist Training - WTF

When a friend from Sydney brought up waist training to me in the context of “You know, all the girls look the same now with their tiny waist.”

Me, “What?”

“You know, waist training, like the Kardashians..”

No, I didn’t know. Maybe I’m late to the game, or it’s just cos I don’t give a fuck about what the Kardashians are doing. But then I saw this and it made me so damn mad.

What the hell message is this stupid trend trying send out to girls growing up in a media-engaged world of today? Where likes mean more than smarts and a tiny waist makes you popular?? Certainly not that you should be proud of your god given assets and make the most of them and workout and be fit and healthy and love your lifestyle and eat well. For fuck’s sake, we are not living in the derailed Victorian era when women had to corset themselves up, twisting and turning their insides to achieve what can now only be referred to as celebrity-friendly ‘coke bottle curves’. Is this really a sign of beauty?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a body watcher, I know when I’ve put a few pounds on and I don’t like it. But I’m not going to some weird extreme where I’m possibly fucking up my fertility, not to mention my ability to breath, by wearing some stupid fucking leopard print, organ-manipulating torture corset.

But the real reason this makes me so mad is because for two years as a teenager I wore a fiberglass brace that vacuumed my waist to hourglass proportions. Why? Because I have scoliosis, curvature of the spine, and I had no choice but to wear this thing for 23 hours a day from the age of 14 – 17. It had a flat metal bar leading all the way from my mid-section up to an exposed chin rest, and two metal bars up the back that welded to butterfly clips that screwed together at the nape of my neck. It was torture, I was mortified, I cried every night for the first few months. The purpose was to stop my spine from curving any more and hopefully straighten it up enough as I grew through puberty so I didn’t have to have metal rods inserted into my spine. It worked, but you know what else it did? My left rib cage protrudes so much I can wedge my four fingers under it. I have nerve damage on my lower left back where the muscle retracted against the padding. And as for that tiny waist? It lasted about 6 months from memory. Do I have it now, 20-something years later? Hell, no. In fact I have a waist that curves in more on the right side than the left. Go figure. Pun intended.

I wore something that looked like this. And it sucked. 

I wore something that looked like this. And it sucked. 

Guess what, waist-training girls, you are going to be wearing that stupid apparatus for the rest of your life if you want to keep that impossibly-cinched shape. Sleep well not knowing what damage it’s doing to your organs, to the health of your spine, your digestion (which is everything to your health, everything!) and your self esteem. Where’s your head at? Think about it. 

Organ shifting

Organ shifting

Hunting & Gathering

Paleo convert, Amanda Bensted, has been busy hunting and gathering for Health Bird readers across the US. Whether you're a full-time paleo or even a sometime paleo, read on for her tips. 

Eating Paleo in an unknown destination is one thing, but when you’re constantly on the go, it can be pretty hard to keep up the fresh eats. Thankfully, on my recent travels down the US West Coast I think I got the hunting and gathering gig down-pat. It really isn’t so hard to do.

Dining out

When you’re travelling with others, you don’t want to be “that person”, unable to eat a cluster of important food groups and just ordering a side of greens.

Don’t get me wrong, those salad and veggie sides can be yummy. But if you have a hankering for a little more meat – as I almost always do – most restaurants are pretty flexible. Some, such as the Bell & Whete restaurant I mentioned in this Paleo in Seattle post, even cater specifically for such tastes. An easy order is a steak burger minus the bun. You’ll be surprised how accommodating restaurants can be with this request.

In Portland, you’ll even find a Paleo-based chain called the Cultured Caveman. These super-cool restaurants and three food carts across the city offer a scintillating menu free of gluten, soy and dairy. And trust me, when you can order something straight off the menu without asking for a variety of changes, it’s a massive relief.

Local restaurant and café chains

If you’re after something a little more reliable – and a little cheaper – there are a number of restaurant and café chains dotting the West Coast that cater to your fussy tastes. Jimmy Johns and Chipotle are two such chains that readily substitute bread with lettuce.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, Mixt Greens is mixing up a storm with its seasonal menu and build-your-own salads. It is an eco-conscious salad bar serving organic, sustainable and local take away food.

The Plantanotherr San Fran organic café sourcing its products from local Bay area farmers and artisans. Almost all its food is organic. Even better, you don’t have to go half way out of town to snap up this delicious fare; there’s a location right on the waterfront at Pier 3. The Plant Café Organic serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner with a wealth of vegan and gluten-free options.

Markets and supermarkets

It might not be the most exciting dining venue, but if you really want to be in control of your daily dose of meat, fruit and veg, the West Coast offers a ton of organic Paleo fare at farmer’s markets and supermarkets in every town.

Wholefoods supply just about everything you’ll ever need, from a host of pick-and-mix boxes containing trail mixes and nuts for when you’ll be on your feet all day to meat and salad bars to satiate you for the rest of the day!

Amanda Bensted is a wanderluster, travel addict, and storyteller. You can read her travel stories at her blog

Boost your productivity and actually get shit done!

Not enough hours in the day? Didn't get enough sleep? Your desk is too cluttered? Forgot to feed the cat?

Got a lot on your mind?  image from

Got a lot on your mind?

image from

If, like many of us, you're struggling to achieve daily, weekly or evenly monthly goals in your personal life and professional life you should READ THIS.

It's a little five-tip story I wrote for Yahoo7 on how to boost your productivity. With expert tips from Vicious Cycle's Tanya Weeks and more!

What are you waiting for? Start getting shit done!!

The spiritual therapy healing broken hearts

It's ThetaHealing

The term may be new to you but in the fields of spirituality and alternative therapies, Theta Healing has been a go-to therapy since 1995 when the designer of this meditation technique, Vianna Stibal, started teaching it after discovering this powerful way to heal not only physical ailments but her limiting beliefs.

When I experienced it in New York City, I knew only that the practice involves a body/mind meditation that heals blockages from within by tapping into universal connectors, chakras and theta brainwaves .

OK, so it sounds a little trippy, but within moments of my session commencing I was experiencing outstanding results.

I met with co-founder and TH specialist Tara Greenaway at Theta Healing NYC in Manhattan and was immediately embraced by her warm energy. Tara is also trained in polarity therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and NDT (New Decision Therapy) and truly has healing hands.

We talked about what it was I wanted to change in my life, any anxieties or regrets I had, and any relationships that needed healing. I spoke about looking ahead in my career and the challenges I am currently facing with that and from there various other ‘issues’ surfaced. Apparently I had quite a bit of healing to do!

Theta Healing incorporates muscle testing, similar to kinesiology but via a much simpler premise. The patient holds together the index finger and thumb and the practitioner asks questions then tests the muscle strength of the finger and thumb.

To prove the function, Tara asked me to repeat, ‘My name is Kelli’ and as I did she pulled at my finger and thumb and they remained together. Then when I was asked me to say ‘My name is Bob’ the grip came undone with the same tugging motion because it was a statement I didn’t believe to be true.

This was then applied to a series of questions relating to my career, relationships and self-esteem. I won’t go into details but I was astounded by what came up and the emotions I felt.

We all have thoughts racing through our heads, up to 70,000 a day in fact, and we all somehow manage to push these thoughts and emotions deep down inside hoping to never see them again! Well, newsflash, they’re not going anywhere and they’re affecting your performance at work, in love, even at the gym. Those thoughts, positive or negative, and often attached to past experiences, play a part in your belief system and the manifestation of fear and even disease.

Theta Healing aids in clearing the blockages that engage in a kind off / on relationship with your thoughts and feelings.

Mark Anthony, a Thetahealing Master from Co-Creation ThetaHealing in Sydney describes Theta as an empowerment tool that allows people to regain their lives by changing their emotional state. “Thetahealing allows the person to release the stress that is causing their issues. Humans are generally very emotional beings and it’s easy for them to get caught up in emotions of being unloved, unappreciated, abandoned…  The feelings that proceed are resentment, anger and abandonment which can lead to illness.” 

The benefits are vast and range from healing physical pain to unlocking creativity, increasing confidence, developing your intuition and releasing fears or phobias.

During my session, Tara uncovered ‘sorrow in my heart chakra’ and asked my permission to ask the ‘Universe’ to heal that sorrow and show me what it would feel like to feel true love. Amen to that, I thought! Turns out I was holding onto the love of an ex boyfriend and that’s why I’ve been dating jerks for the last decade. I’ll let you know if I now meet Mr Right!

Theta practitioners heal by connecting to the energy and life force that is circulating around us and within us. Tara closed her eyes and connected to the 7th plane and afterwards shared with me that we are all capable of making this connection and with proper training can learn to heal ourselves and others.

“There’s a basic certification that’s three days long that we teach in New York and you are certified at the end. It seems quick, but the technique is actually so simple and elegant that it can be learned in three days,” says Tara who recommends her clients study the technique once they’ve surpassed five sessions.

Each time she connected to the ‘Universe’ (this was a word I chose, some may prefer God, Mother Nature, Energy etc) and healed my blockages we’d redo the muscle test and sure enough when I’d repeat the phrase she’d asked me before the healing the grip would remain strong, whereas before the healing my grip would come undone. And as the session went by I started to feel lighter, more relaxed and confident. It was truly unbelievable and energizing.

The healing is said to connect on a deeper level after a sleep cycle. I did go to bed that night with a raging headache but I woke up with glowing skin and free of my locker room worth of baggage that had been weighing me down. Seriously!

The following week Tara was kind enough to invite me back for a second session. After 30 minutes I floated out of her practice and into a life lighter of stress and emotional undoings.


Health Coach 101

I've spent the last year studying to be a Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

WOW WOW WOW, I've learnt so much about dietary theories, astounding stats on the link between food and the rise in diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even been given guidance on how to set up my own business!

A Health Coach is someone who can help you create healthy lifestyle changes and ultimately build a more rewarding life. What could be better than that?!

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Bad Habits Busting Your Ass?


How to improve your life’s habitual zones

 This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Women's Fitness Magazine

Nixing habits is a tricky business. Whether you’re continuously late for appointments, dating the wrong guys over and over or unable to shake up your stale workout, don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re not alone. The latest research suggests it takes an average of 66 days to turn small changes into a routine habit. And that 54 percent of us fail to make adjustments last longer than six months.

The good news is that making a lasting transformation is definitely possible. In fact, according to author Charles Duhigg, small shifts can return huge results via a ripple effect that improves all areas of your life.

It can take 66 days to form a new habit

It can take 66 days to form a new habit

“Change might not be fast and it isn't always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped,” says Duhigg in his book, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.

Duhigg talks about triggers that send your brain into automatic mode and tell it which habit to use. This is followed by a routine, be it physical, mental or emotional. “Finally there is the reward which helps your brain figure out if this particular loop is worth remembering for the future.” says Duhigg.

You could liken it to the instant gratifications of reaching for the cookie jar instead of the longer-term benefits of choosing kale chips. It’s this cue, routine, reward cycle that sets bad habits in a continual motion.



Or Kale?

Or Kale?

“Most of our habits have automatically formed through repetitive and unconscious actions and programming of our subconscious mind,” agrees life coach Leiza Clark. “People need to realise they’re the only ones who hold the real power to change by understanding the consequences and taking full responsibility of their negative patterns.”

Read more about Recognising the Reward, Taking Ownership and Securing Support to nix bad habits in the November issue of Australian Women's Fitness