Eco-loving Yoga - Save the world while downward-dogging

This December, on the eve of internationally acclaimed ocean ambassador, surfer, and karmic yogi Eoin Finn’s birthday, he ventured to the Florida Keys (along with a group of yogis from around the world) as part of the Eco Karma Project to gather information on the state of our fragile coral reefs, volunteer with the coral reef foundation, and replant stag horn coral. Eoin amassed about $10,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to go towards rehabilitation America's reefs with an additional $25,000 donated by Lululemon (he was one of the fit fashion star's first yoga ambassadors). 

As Eoin travels around the world to teach yoga, he will continue his series of Eco Karma Yoga Missions bringing together communities from Sydney to LA to highlight ocean specific environmental causes in dire need of rescue and support. As he gathers people from all walks of life to get hands on during the day, in exchange he will offer free yoga. This will be an ongoing project where people will also be able to select “retreat style” accommodations to stay for 3-4 days to join hands in helping during the day, a once in a lifetime opportunity to practice free yoga from an acclaimed teacher, combined with sustainable meals and mediation, and hammock enlightenment talks.