Work It Out and Pay It Forward with THINK

THINK is the thought-proving workout wear label from New Yorker, Mariel Heather. It not only promotes physical wellbeing by setting you up for a stylish sweat session, THINK encourages positive thinking and personal growth by messaging feel-good slogans on crop tops, leggings and sweatshirts. Who doesn't need a little verbal reminder everyday about our inner and outer awesome-ness?

The gorgeous, fit and socially conscious THINK creator, Mariel Heather.

The gorgeous, fit and socially conscious THINK creator, Mariel Heather.

The feel-good factor hits an even higher rep knowing that THINK donates 10 percent of proceeds to charities and nonprofits that are aligned with women empowerment. 

Health Bird spoke to the Brooklyn-based fitness buff - who turned her entrepreneurial spirit into an inspirational business - about her bright ideas and future thoughts on THINK.

Where did the idea for THINK come from? What inspired it?

THINK was born out of my love for fitness and my frustration always sporting uninspiring workout gear. I’m extremely active and whenever I’d workout, I always found myself  wearing another black tank top. I decided I was going to create cute apparel with meaningful messages, all while giving back to the community. Aside from creating a cute and comfortable fitness line with a positive message, I really want my brand to empower women all over!

What were you doing before starting THINK?

Before I started THINK I was a journalist. I had always been into fitness but never actively pursued a career in it until the summer before I started my clothing line. I received a certification in Mat Pilates and TRX.

How do you embody the THINK lifestyle? 
The THINK lifestyle is one in which you face life head on with a positive outlook, a life full of health/fitness, being grateful every day for what you have and giving back whenever you can, even if it's something small. The THINK lifestyle also empowers women, only bringing each other up. This is exactly how I live my life.

What is a typical day like for you?
I travel a lot for work to attend different events and meet with nonprofits. When I'm not traveling, I get up at 8am, remind myself what I'm grateful for (it's a really great way to start your day and puts you in the best mood), I'll work on all of my social media for the day and check emails. Almost every night I take a spinning class. That's my favorite exercise to do right now! If I'm not spinning I'll take Pilates or go to the gym and workout there by myself.

I love to design and am most creative when I'm at a quiet cafe with an iced coffee. If I feel really creative I can focus for hours until everything is completed.

Were you worried entering such a saturated apparel market? 
I was never specifically worried about entering a saturated apparel market. Starting my own business was just a scary thought as a whole but I always remind myself to believe more in my potential than in my fear.

What makes THINK different?

THINK is different because of its unique combination of promoting positive thinking, women empowerment and charity. THINK isn't just about fitness and it's not just about the the mind. It's about linking the mind and body connection. What we think about, we bring about!