The spiritual therapy healing broken hearts

It's ThetaHealing

The term may be new to you but in the fields of spirituality and alternative therapies, Theta Healing has been a go-to therapy since 1995 when the designer of this meditation technique, Vianna Stibal, started teaching it after discovering this powerful way to heal not only physical ailments but her limiting beliefs.

When I experienced it in New York City, I knew only that the practice involves a body/mind meditation that heals blockages from within by tapping into universal connectors, chakras and theta brainwaves .

OK, so it sounds a little trippy, but within moments of my session commencing I was experiencing outstanding results.

I met with co-founder and TH specialist Tara Greenaway at Theta Healing NYC in Manhattan and was immediately embraced by her warm energy. Tara is also trained in polarity therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and NDT (New Decision Therapy) and truly has healing hands.

We talked about what it was I wanted to change in my life, any anxieties or regrets I had, and any relationships that needed healing. I spoke about looking ahead in my career and the challenges I am currently facing with that and from there various other ‘issues’ surfaced. Apparently I had quite a bit of healing to do!

Theta Healing incorporates muscle testing, similar to kinesiology but via a much simpler premise. The patient holds together the index finger and thumb and the practitioner asks questions then tests the muscle strength of the finger and thumb.

To prove the function, Tara asked me to repeat, ‘My name is Kelli’ and as I did she pulled at my finger and thumb and they remained together. Then when I was asked me to say ‘My name is Bob’ the grip came undone with the same tugging motion because it was a statement I didn’t believe to be true.

This was then applied to a series of questions relating to my career, relationships and self-esteem. I won’t go into details but I was astounded by what came up and the emotions I felt.

We all have thoughts racing through our heads, up to 70,000 a day in fact, and we all somehow manage to push these thoughts and emotions deep down inside hoping to never see them again! Well, newsflash, they’re not going anywhere and they’re affecting your performance at work, in love, even at the gym. Those thoughts, positive or negative, and often attached to past experiences, play a part in your belief system and the manifestation of fear and even disease.

Theta Healing aids in clearing the blockages that engage in a kind off / on relationship with your thoughts and feelings.

Mark Anthony, a Thetahealing Master from Co-Creation ThetaHealing in Sydney describes Theta as an empowerment tool that allows people to regain their lives by changing their emotional state. “Thetahealing allows the person to release the stress that is causing their issues. Humans are generally very emotional beings and it’s easy for them to get caught up in emotions of being unloved, unappreciated, abandoned…  The feelings that proceed are resentment, anger and abandonment which can lead to illness.” 

The benefits are vast and range from healing physical pain to unlocking creativity, increasing confidence, developing your intuition and releasing fears or phobias.

During my session, Tara uncovered ‘sorrow in my heart chakra’ and asked my permission to ask the ‘Universe’ to heal that sorrow and show me what it would feel like to feel true love. Amen to that, I thought! Turns out I was holding onto the love of an ex boyfriend and that’s why I’ve been dating jerks for the last decade. I’ll let you know if I now meet Mr Right!

Theta practitioners heal by connecting to the energy and life force that is circulating around us and within us. Tara closed her eyes and connected to the 7th plane and afterwards shared with me that we are all capable of making this connection and with proper training can learn to heal ourselves and others.

“There’s a basic certification that’s three days long that we teach in New York and you are certified at the end. It seems quick, but the technique is actually so simple and elegant that it can be learned in three days,” says Tara who recommends her clients study the technique once they’ve surpassed five sessions.

Each time she connected to the ‘Universe’ (this was a word I chose, some may prefer God, Mother Nature, Energy etc) and healed my blockages we’d redo the muscle test and sure enough when I’d repeat the phrase she’d asked me before the healing the grip would remain strong, whereas before the healing my grip would come undone. And as the session went by I started to feel lighter, more relaxed and confident. It was truly unbelievable and energizing.

The healing is said to connect on a deeper level after a sleep cycle. I did go to bed that night with a raging headache but I woke up with glowing skin and free of my locker room worth of baggage that had been weighing me down. Seriously!

The following week Tara was kind enough to invite me back for a second session. After 30 minutes I floated out of her practice and into a life lighter of stress and emotional undoings.