It's a knockout

New York's no-nonsense boutique boxing studio is expanding.

Shadowbox Flatiron location in NYC

Shadowbox Flatiron location in NYC

Trailblazing boxing studio, Shadowbox, is expanding throughout the US. Now, on top of NYC's flatiron and DUMBO studios, jab, cross, hook addicts will be able to get their gloves on in a new Tribeca studio as well as Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas.

The expansion will take place over the next 18 - 24 months. 

Founded in 2015 by Daniel Glazer who saw an opening in the market for a boxing studio that didn't feel overly gritty, male-dominated and intimidating. 

“The Shadowbox brand is built on inclusivity, offering a cathartic sweat to everybody,” said Daniel Glazer, founder and CEO. “We want our growth trajectory to reflect our values, which is why we let current and future clients, not industry expectations, inform where we take the brand next. Markets like Chicago, Austin, and Dallas, are filled with individuals who want and deserve more wellness opportunities in their daily lives. It’s only natural for Shadowbox to serve these places and further our mission of making boxing accessible and rewarding both mentally and physically.”


Shadowbox caters to all consumers, regardless of experience level. Its meditative, sweat-dripping workouts bridge the gap between fighting and fitness, combining a focus on technique with body-weight conditioning.

Visit Shadowbox online for more info on the expansion and upcoming classes