Hunting & Gathering

Paleo convert, Amanda Bensted, has been busy hunting and gathering for Health Bird readers across the US. Whether you're a full-time paleo or even a sometime paleo, read on for her tips. 

Eating Paleo in an unknown destination is one thing, but when you’re constantly on the go, it can be pretty hard to keep up the fresh eats. Thankfully, on my recent travels down the US West Coast I think I got the hunting and gathering gig down-pat. It really isn’t so hard to do.

Dining out

When you’re travelling with others, you don’t want to be “that person”, unable to eat a cluster of important food groups and just ordering a side of greens.

Don’t get me wrong, those salad and veggie sides can be yummy. But if you have a hankering for a little more meat – as I almost always do – most restaurants are pretty flexible. Some, such as the Bell & Whete restaurant I mentioned in this Paleo in Seattle post, even cater specifically for such tastes. An easy order is a steak burger minus the bun. You’ll be surprised how accommodating restaurants can be with this request.

In Portland, you’ll even find a Paleo-based chain called the Cultured Caveman. These super-cool restaurants and three food carts across the city offer a scintillating menu free of gluten, soy and dairy. And trust me, when you can order something straight off the menu without asking for a variety of changes, it’s a massive relief.

Local restaurant and café chains

If you’re after something a little more reliable – and a little cheaper – there are a number of restaurant and café chains dotting the West Coast that cater to your fussy tastes. Jimmy Johns and Chipotle are two such chains that readily substitute bread with lettuce.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, Mixt Greens is mixing up a storm with its seasonal menu and build-your-own salads. It is an eco-conscious salad bar serving organic, sustainable and local take away food.

The Plantanotherr San Fran organic café sourcing its products from local Bay area farmers and artisans. Almost all its food is organic. Even better, you don’t have to go half way out of town to snap up this delicious fare; there’s a location right on the waterfront at Pier 3. The Plant Café Organic serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner with a wealth of vegan and gluten-free options.

Markets and supermarkets

It might not be the most exciting dining venue, but if you really want to be in control of your daily dose of meat, fruit and veg, the West Coast offers a ton of organic Paleo fare at farmer’s markets and supermarkets in every town.

Wholefoods supply just about everything you’ll ever need, from a host of pick-and-mix boxes containing trail mixes and nuts for when you’ll be on your feet all day to meat and salad bars to satiate you for the rest of the day!

Amanda Bensted is a wanderluster, travel addict, and storyteller. You can read her travel stories at her blog