Paleo in Seattle

Eating Paleo in Seattle

Paleo enthusiasts, I hear it can be a struggle to have your dietary needs met when you hit up the foodie scene with your girlfriends, significant other, neighbour's dog... And when you're travelling, it's even harder to stick to your no-grains guns, am I right? I'm not Paleo but I'm all sorts of other things when it comes to food, so I know jetsetting takes the eat-right-for-your-type challenge to a whole new level. That's why wanderluster, and Paleo advocate, Amanda Bensted is here to share Paleo eating guide from her recent trip to Seattle with us. 

Thankfully, Seattle is a great place for Paleo pit stops. Here are just a few great dining options:

Local 360

This classy Belltown restaurant is popular place for clean and ethical eating. For a start, they source most of their ingredients from within a 360 mile radius of Seattle, with organic produce and ethical rearing a priority.

If you want something reliably hearty and healthy, go for the devilled eggs or the seared steak. Local 360’s popularity means you’ll often find extensive waits for a table. But there are mercifully reliable alternatives just around the corner, including Local 360’s sister café Bell & Whete.

Bell & Whete

Bell & Whete offers a scintillating Old World-inspired menu and marks out gluten-free and vegetarian meals.

The chefs are happy to manipulate a meal to cater to Paleo tastes. You can, for example, ask for the House Ground Steak Burger without the bun – and I highly recommend it. Other options include a beet and kale salad and house-made pickled veggies.

The Grill from Ipanema

In the same vicinity as the above options is The Grill from Ipanema, a Brazilian steakhouse that roasts all its meats in a special charcoal grill to lock the natural flavour in. The food here is served buffet-style and caters to gluten free and vegetarian diners, but will put a dent in your hip pocket.

Fast Food outlets

A large part of travel is about being constantly on-the-go, which can make it even harder to find fresh, clean and satisfying Paleo meals. While you’re unlikely to get the same rich tastes and quality meat cuts from a fast food place, there are a few helpful joints you can head to for a grab-and-go meal.

Jimmy John’s serves up gourmet sandwiches with the helpful “Unwich” option, which allows you to order your sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of bread.

Other healthy take-out options scattered around Seattle include the Homegrown chain of sustainable sandwich shops, and The Juicy Café, which sells wholesome salads and soups as well as fruit juices.

Amanda Bensted is a wanderluster, travel addict, and story teller. You can read her travel stories at her blog