All-Natural First Aid Kit

Whether you're hitting the road, pitching a tent or going island hopping, a naturally-derived first-aid kit could very well save your vacay. 

Adventure seeker Courtney Capellan shares her tips on packing a chemical-free first-aid kit to nix any nasties on your next trip. 

All-Natural First-Aid Travel

Taking a break from life doesn’t mean taking a break from your healthy lifestyle. What you put in your body is important, but don’t forget about what you’re going to put on your body! You wouldn’t forget your vegan shampoo and homemade sugar scrub- and suffer with hotel soap! So you shouldn’t settle for commercial bug spray and topical toxins either!

Adventure awaits and it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. Here are the most important considerations for putting together an all-natural first-aid kit and an awesome list of essentials that are easy to pack and should treat the most common conditions you’re likely to encounter.

Ø  Take the conservative approach when purchasing the essentials. Especially oils- pure and undiluted is best! These can get expensive- but a little goes a long way.

Ø  Every destination is different, some things are more important to bring (if you’re going to be in the desert, pack extra water!) Understand that not everything is available everywhere! Maybe your hotel has a spa. “The best essential oils are available but aren’t typically for sale”, says Leah Preston, coordinator for staycation resorts in Florida. Be practical, bring your own!

Ø  Take what the doctor ordered. Obviously, if your son relies on an inhaler don’t forget a backup one and if an EPI pen belongs in your kit for your husbands’ severe allergies- bring it!

·       Coconut oil - Miracle oil that heals anything chapped and a good carrier oil for essential oils. Try fractionated coconut oil- the fat is whipped out and it stays liquid at room temperature. The best part: it doesn’t stain your clothes!

·       Oregano essential oil – Packed with phenolic acids and flavonoids, oregano is a powerful antioxidant (and a best kept secret). Apply a drop to the bottoms of feet to reverse the onset of colds and viruses- and for boosting immunity.

·       Peppermint essential oil – This minty menthol can clear sinuses and stop the itching from insect bites. Invigorating and fresh, one drop under the nose is great for jet lag.

·       Bentonite clay – An alternative to charcoal, applying a dollop of natural clay over snake and spider bites draws out venomous toxins. (If you don’t use it for first-aid- add water, mix and apply an on-the-go clay face mask!)

·       Epsom salt - Great for removing splinters and as a soak for sore muscles.  Also works as a natural laxative that works in a pinch.

·       Neem oil – All natural bug-repellent, safe for kids, pets and the environment.

·       Raw honey – Forget Neosporin. High quality honey soothes cuts and speeds healing and reduce the onset of infection. Honey is also effective for cooling and treating minor burns.

·       DIY sanitizer – super easy to combine, whisk and scoop into a squeeze bottle – 2 TBSP Aloe Vera gel, 5 drops any essential oil, 8 oz. Witch Hazel – soothes skin and sterilizes like alcohol without dehydrating.

·       Cloth bandages, needles and tweezers.

·       Veggie capsules – An alternative to applying oils to skin, bring easy to swallow capsules and take essential oils internally.

Courtney writes about yoga, adventure, travel and treasure hunting

Courtney writes about yoga, adventure, travel and treasure hunting