Do You Chew?

And I don’t mean gum!

I’ve always been a fairly fast eater and my digestion has never been that amazing. It’s taken me all these years and some education from IIN to put the two together and realise, hey, maybe if I chew my food like nature intended with my God-given sturdy teeth and jaw, I just might have less digestive issues.


Seventy percent, yes, 70%, of our immune system lies in our digestive tract. We have a whopping 10 times more bacteria (good and bad) in our digestive system than we have cells in our body, so it’s an important hang-out area and where our food’s protein, vitamins, minerals and other goodies have the most impact.

Basically, bad digestion causes inflammation which in turn causes disease. An unhealthy digestive tract also has an influence on mood disorders, autism, arthritis, skin conditions and allergies amongst many of life’s other downers.

When you CHEW your food until it’s almost liquified, instead of just biting into it and washing it down (guilty?) this is how you can benefit;

- You allow the saliva to break down enzymes called amylase and lipase which aid in digesting fat and starches in the mouth meaning your stomach has less work to do.

- Digestive enzymes only treat the food’s surface so if you’re throwing down large portions of food there is no opportunity for it to be broken down correctly.

- Protein which breaks down to amino acids (which are essential building blocks for our body) are more easily stored in the body

- You’ll also be satisfied with smaller proportions and less likely to overeat.

- Your body absorbs more vitamins, minerals & nutrients.

- You will feel more energised because your stomach is alerted to start making the acid for the food’s arrival time ensuring a smooth passage to the small intestine.

- Food won’t stick to your colon and invite bacteria to hang around leading to flatulence.

Opt for mindful eating. Enjoy your meals. Don’t rush your meals. Don’t engage in social media while eating. And, most importantly, chew your food! Just try it.