Kelly Slater Loves Chia!

World champion surfer and Hawaii local Kelly Slater swapped his surfboard for an apron this week... why? To hand out his favourite Chia Pods to health-loving locals. 

He set up a pop-up shop on the North Shore pipeline - home to big waves and the Aloha lifestyle - and shared Chia Pods with fans and friends. 

The 11-time champ eats chia daily and understands that healthy eating has a huge impact on his athletic career. He also reads the label on everything he eats so he knows what he's putting in his body. No complaints on how he looks!

I think it’s hugely important. I couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to read that and know what’s going in their body


The Chia Co is the world's largest producer of chia. They work with farmers across the globe to sustainably grow the highest quality, chemical-free chia.