Pregnancy Eats

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks Sorted!

As I get further into my pregnancy I've noticed I'm wanting to snack more. While choc chip cookies and vanilla sorbet are on my mind, so is staying healthy. But not the broccoli type of healthy - although that's definitely important. I'm talking snack healthy. 

So, a little investigation and a lot of sampling I wanted to share my top five pregnancy snacks with you - that you can both make yourself or buy for those on-the-go days. 

Trail Mix

It's so easy to mix up your own trail mix, specifically tailored to mamas-to-be. My fave ingredients to throw in the mix includes: almonds, walnuts, dark chocolate chunks, goji berries, coconut, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and bee pollen. This mix will give you a boost of fibre, Omega-3 & Vitamin E (nuts), antioxidants (goji berries), flavinoids (chocolate), folate & magnesium (pumpkin seeds)


Not only do these organic bites taste sensational, but the company's mission is to eliminate food waste from organic banana farms. And... the brand was invented by three sexy guys! With a range of chewy banana-infused flavours including chocolate, peanut butter and coconut, there's a bite for every craving. 

Smari Yogurt

Smari organic icelandic yogurt uses four cups of whole milk per tub not only making it superbly creamy, but ensuring you get just the right dose of protein and calcium in one serving. Ideal for your little babe's continuous growth. None of their ingredients are treated with hormones, pesticides or herbicides so it's better for you than a lot of dairy and better for your babe too. 


Nature's green goddess is full of unsaturated fat and if you use your imagination you can adapt it to almost anything in your cupboard. Smash it on toast and add chilli flakes and a poached egg, slice it on crackers with juicy cherry tomatoes, add it to salads, or whizz it up in a smoothie. 

Cherry Tomatoes

I haven't really experienced any cravings, it's more like I just enjoy the foods I always have that little bit more. But.. cherry tomatoes have become much more tasty than I every imagined and I could just eat them like grapes. Full of Vit K, Vit C and folic acid, they also help purify blood and increase circulation as well as protect against infection thanks to an antiseptic effect.