Blissed Out

I just created these little bliss balls in my teeny tiny New York kitchenette. I like to experiment with Bliss Ball ingredients all the time so please feel free to alter the ingredients to suit yourself. ie. if you don't eat almonds you could substitute with pecans or swap out the Goji for dates. 

Enjoy - bliss out your tastebuds and your state of mind. 

150g of Almonds

A scoop of organic vegan protein powder - I used Body Science Organic Performance Protein

Two tablespoons of raw cacao powder

1/2 cup of Goji berries

Dash of vanilla essence

Cinnamon - a few shakes

Two teaspoons of flaxseed oil

One - two tablespoons of chia and or flaxseed flakes

Add water (approx 1/2 a cup) for the right consistency

Sea salt - just a dash

Blend everything in your Vitamix or food processor of choice until close to smooth consistency

Roll into balls and roll the balls in shredded coconut or chia seeds.

Refrigerate for one hour.