Chemical-free baby

Talking to Therese Kerr is like talking to your best friend’s mum. The one that makes the tastiest school sandwiches and has your favourite icy-poles in the freezer after a summer Saturday spent cartwheeling in her backyard.

So what if you weren’t cartwheeling with her supermodel daughter, Miranda Kerr, you know the mum I’m talking about. She’s friendly, knowledgeable, interested, advice-driven and maternal. No wonder Therese has launched a line of organic baby products, Divine Baby, to complement her growing range of personal care products including Divine By Therese Kerr, Divine Man and Divine Woman.

Not only are all of Therese’s products certified organic, they’re vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and chemical-free.

Health Bird chatted to the passionate wellness advocate about choosing health, for you and your baby.

You chose the path of a holistic lifestyle after discovering you had cancerous tumors in your spleen. Has it been hard to maintain?

I choose health. With every choice you are either moving away from health or towards health and I choose health with everything that I do.  Considering the amount of illness and toxicity in the world it’s about making that commitment to yourself and to your family.

Why did you choose to add Divine Baby to your organic range?

I’m about babies been born without chemicals in their bodies. Every day we place a chemical burden on our body with products we use and babies are being born with around 200 chemicals in their little bodies. Divine Baby is about removing the toxicity from your life because one of the fastest ways we detox as a woman is to have a baby. But what we do is we transfer our fat-soluble chemicals to our children in utero. It’s really awful.  And breastfeeding is by far the best thing for our baby however we need to really cleanse first. Fat-soluble chemicals are wreaking havoc on our kid’s health.

How different is the level of toxicity in women’s and baby’s bodies than when you had your children Miranda and Matthew?

Years ago there, Bill Statham (author of The Chemical Maze) said there were around 80,000 chemicals in our world, now there is about 140,000. If I had known about this when I was pregnant with Miranda and Matthew, there is no way in the world I would have used chemical laden products. We just didn’t know. People assume that the products on our shelf are safe.  They are far from safe. There’s over 12,500 chemicals just used in skincare, baby care and oral care products alone, most of which have never been tested for safety. Unfortunately chemicals are used in everyday products on basis they are safe until proven otherwise.

How are your products different to other skincare on the market?

They are all ACO certified, so Australian Certified Organic, that’s the most stringent certification body in Australia.  There’s a huge misrepresentation of the use of the word organic, a company can say something is organic if it has one natural ingredient but it may contain hundreds if not thousands of chemicals. For example someone can claim a can of coke is organic if they put a wedge of lemon in it. That’s how lax the laws are. Just ridiculous.

What ingredients do you include in Divine?

Beautiful, certified organic, natural plant-derived ingredients that support the body. What you put on your skin goes into your blood stream and into your organs. The Environmental Working Group states that our skin will absorb chemicals 10 times quicker by way of digestion and that’s because our skin doesn’t have digestive enzymes available to break the chemicals down. Nor does it have the detoxification process of the liver to further break the chemicals down. If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin. All our ingredients are nutrient rich with antioxidants that support the body and don’t harm it in any way.

And that includes Divine Baby?

A baby’s immune system and central nervous system is immature and still developing and doesn’t have the ability to detoxify so you don’t want to put chemicals on it. Children have roughly double the skin surface per body weight of adults so they have more ability to absorb chemicals.

Do you think chemicals are contributing to infertility too?

One in seven women are infertile. We are the only species on earth that are contributing to our own extinction. I don’t want people to get tumors in their spleen or have endometriosis so bad they can’t have children. It’s all about education and providing a healthy alternative that actually works.

Yourself and Miranda are such advocates of this holistic lifestyle. You must be so proud of her range of Kora products too?

Yes, as a family we are committed to providing certified organic products. We have a public profile as a family and we use that. Be a champion for yourselves and your children and your children’s children. Stop buying the products that are causing this.