Hidden causes of acne

Seriously, how should you wash acne-prone skin?

This is probably one of those questions that has been bugging you for quite awhile. And that’s totally understandable, considering that it’s hard to find the best face wash for acne-prone skin.

Acne-prone skin will greatly benefit from a cleanser that can remove dirt, oil and makeup residues without stripping the skin’s natural oils. Why?

Well, those natural oils are important for your skin’s protection. If they get stripped away, your skin is forced to compensate by producing more oil - leading to more clogged pores and breakouts.

So, find a cleanser that doesn’t contain alcohol and harsh chemicals. Skip scented products since artificial fragrance can irritate the skin.

One thing you can do to find out if a cleanser is stripping your skin’s oil is to feel your face after washing it. If it feels tight, sensitive and taut, consider replacing your face wash.

Of course using the wrong cleanser isn’t the only thing that can cause acne. There are tonnes of acne triggers hiding in your environment, lifestyle and habits.

Check out this infographic.