I've fallen in love with FIG + YARROW - a delightfully botanical-based line of handcrafted organic health and vanity products made in Denver, Colorado. The face, body, and hygiene range is made using advanced formulations of vibrant roots, leaves, flowers, oils and mineral elements and trust me, it is a treat for the body and feast for the senses! Fig + Yarrow's use of nature's raw beauty with their wild-crafted ingredients inspires vitality and heightens the body’s senses. 

These heavenly-scented products (I'm in love with the Pink Love Salts) are the creation of apothecary artisan, Brandy Monique, who as a young girl was always playing in nature amongst plants and creatures great and small. Later she studied Herbalism and Plant Spirit Medicine which lead Brandy on a Shamanic journey in which she was able to speak to the plant spirits. "This came very naturally to me," says Brandy. "I began doing a tremendous amount of research on the efficacy and effects of natural ingredients for physical health and beauty." Brandy's research confirmed the guidance she would receive in her journeys and from there she was encouraged to start the Fig + Yarrow line using always natural and never synthetic ingredients. 

Choosing natural beauty products crafted with organic and wildcrafted ingredients is one very significant way in which we, as consumers, can collectively influence how the land, people and other creatures at the most basic level of our product chains are treated.

I firmly believe we receive the most benefit from natural products by approaching the plant and minerals respectfully and utilising their gifts responsibly.
Founder, Brandy Monique in the Fig + Yarrow studio

Founder, Brandy Monique in the Fig + Yarrow studio

Part of FIG+YARROW’s mission is to educate consumers on how to apply products so they feel the true benefits of the organic line. Watch a step by step to use the Cardamom and Coffee Anti-cellulite Body Scrub


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