For the love of OIL

I love nothing more than a nourishing oil to lather all over my skin - whether I'm battling the harsh winter winds of a New York winter, or the drying salty water after a Sydney ocean swim. 

Here's a list of my favourite and of course, Organic, body and face oils to slip into.

Vanessa Megan

Body Beautiful Oil not only hydrates but it nourishes and heals scarred and stretch-marked skin. The 100% certified organic oils such as jojoba, rosehip, coconut and essential oils of tangerine and neroli, penetrate the skin with their unique properties that minimize fine lines, improve elasticity and repair damaged skin tissue. Add to that the delightful aroma and dewy, glowy skin you’ll be left with and this is a must for the beauty cabinet.

Osmia Organics Body Oils

The fine peeps at Osmia recommend you slather this onto wet skin and ‘dance around a little in your birthday suit’ to let it all soak in and nourish your delicate dermis.

Each base oil comprises 11 nourishing oils (9 of which are certified organic) including healing organic jojoba oil, antioxidant kukui oil, powerfully anti-aging and regenerative organic rosehip seed oil, and anti-inflammatory organic hemp seed oil.

Water Lily – is rich and deep scented with notes of vetiver and ginger lily.  Vetiver, a grass from Sri Lanka, enhances your link to the earth and its sacred rituals. While wild-harvested juniper oil and ginger lily add a gentle spice encouraging a scent that will subtly last for hours.

Sunset is sweet and spicy - full of vanilla, coriander, and a whiff of jasmine, but not overly feminine. Organic vanilla and jasmine extracts combine for a warm scent that lasts all day on your skin. The quiet spice of coriander, and the lift of Italian bergamot make this oil anything but plain vanilla.  (The organic bergamot we use has had the photosensitizing element removed, so it will not cause a reaction in the sun.)  It is distinctly possible that you will want to lick your arm while wearing this oil.

Kora Organics

Luxurious Rosehip Oil

If you want supermodel skin, look no further than Miranda Kerr’s organic Kora line. The Aussie mannequin swears she doesn’t leave home without it. Especially loving to lather it on her face during long haul flights. A combination of Noni extract, Jasmine, Sea Buckthorn, Rose and Pomegranate oils and Organic Rosehip oil offer a rich combination of antioxidants and essential fatty acids to combat dehydration, sun damage and signs of aging.


Chakra Balance Oils

Sodashi’s chemical-free skin care range use only ethically-sourced essential oils and plant actives that have helped heal nature. Sodashi is Sanskrit for ‘wholeness, purity, radiance’ and their products not only regenerate your skin but lift your spirit and enhance your wellbeing.

The seven pure plant essence blends that make up the Chakra Balance Oils aim to remove blockages and boost vitality. Perfect for those of us with busy lives looking for an emotional, physical and spiritual balance.