access bars - throw out your brain trash


For more than 25 years Access Bars devotees have been accessing the 32 points on their head that allow them to find clarity, energy and clearance from everyday obstacles like cash flow, job confidence and relationship harmony.

Don’t write this off as just another holistic practice that works for some and not for others, Access Bars now has some real science behind with neuroscientists recording actual changes in brain waves – from beta to a much more relaxed theta wave - within an hour session.

The modality of tapping into these 32 Bars is based on the electromagnetic functioning of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs we’ve ever had. Phew, that’s a lifetime of energy scrambling for attention in your head right now. Ever felt confused? This could be why.

For example, each and every thought you’ve had about your earning potential is stored in a Bar called, you guessed it, ‘money’. Of the other 31 bars you can include body, creativity, power, sex and money – all the good stuff that keeps us awake at night.

Access Bars practitioners have the skill to clear the energy that’s become locked inside these Bars purely through their touch. From one bar to the next ‘issues’ are released, allowing for change in your thoughts and life.

Based on the past life theory, it’s thought that just five minutes of running bars can remove 5,000 – 10000 years of stagnant points of view. Whoa. I had to try this spring cleaning for the mind, so I met with globally recognised practitioner, Blossom Benedict in her fancy hotel room overlooking Central Park South for session.

She made me feel instantly at ease, enough that I felt comfortable lying on her bed with my head on her lap and her dog lying next to me. For an hour!

Blossom promises that “The worst ting that’ll happen is that you’ll fee like you had a great massage and the best thing is that your whole life will change. “

OK, let’s do this I thought, laying back, waiting for some great epiphany to take place. It didn’t. But Blossom assured me more sessions would. 

“You don’t know where you may go in the world today or tomorrow… and something might happen and you may or may not correlate it with the bars but you’ll just think, ‘that was different’ or something will feel easier. Or you’ll find you react differently to situations.”

Honestly I can’t say I did, notice anything much different. I just felt pretty tired. But hundreds of thousands of devotees can’t be wrong. Here’s what Blossom says of the modality that sees her travel the world.  

How often do you recommend sessions?

It’s an ongoing thing and initially I see people getting great results from having them done once a week for six weeks. That’s when they really shift something. The nice thing is people who get hooked on it want to take a class and once you do that you learn to run the Bars yourself. (Yes, people, you too can learn to do this). It’s quite easy to learn. And there are groups that get together and run bars and do clearings.

Is that what you travel around teaching?

I do a lot more of the verbal processing which has to do with the letting go of your cognitive points of view - the beliefs, the stories. I do a workshop called Right Voice For You and it’s working with access tools but on the stage, it’s about being more present with people, being more authentic in your life, showing up and coming out of your comfort zone. It uses the same access tools.

And it’s been around for 25 years?

Gary Douglas is the founder of Access. He channeled the bars originally. He had a download of this information about where to put his hands. In the past five years it’s gained momentum – it’s now in 173 countries, with over 3000 facilitators teaching classes.

So basically it’s about throwing out the trash in your head?

Yeah, so there are 32 different points in the head and they all correlate to an area of your life like money, body, control, creativity, sadness, joy… and when we press son them it’s like deleting files on a computer. All those old thoughts that we put into your brain at some point and are playing over and over and over – a habit, a pattern, your brain creates connections, there’s lots of activity, millions of files that we don’t really need. Bars deletes those.

What happens when they’re deleted?

The technical term is it’s ‘dissipating the electromagnetic component of thought’. Every thought actually has an electrical charge that stays in your brain and if we can dissipate that, then what you’re left with is your awareness, what’s true for you. You’re no longer functioning from conclusions, decisions, judgments, assumptions, your mum’s voice, or negative thoughts on your body.

Can you tell me some success stories?

We are putting together a documentary because there are so many stories. Bars run really fast on kids. I know a lot of kids who’ve had anxiety go away, and they’ve changed their relationship to school. It’s helped a lot of people change depression. There are a lot of stories of magic, like making money work, suddenly getting a job offer. It’s about becoming open to receiving.