Summer is the perfect time to do your detox, because there is an abundance of different organic fruits and vegetables. Additionally, when it’s warm outside it’s easier for your body to enter the natural detox process that will make you feel healthy, energized and ready to enjoy summer to the fullest.

Angela Berry, Editor of Ripped me knows all bout the natural way you can cleanse your body of toxins that accumulate during the winter. Here's to looking fresh and healthy.

Detox foods - There are foods that make your liver work at peak efficiency and clean your body from the inside out. Eating a variety of these foods daily will do your body a great service. 


Watermelon is probably the best food for a summer detox. It contains high amounts of citrulline that help create arginine which flushes out ammonia and other toxins from the body. It’s also rich in fibbers that keep the colon clean. It can improve your liver and kidney function with glutathione and potassium, and it reduces inflammations across the body. Also, one cup of watermelon contains less than 50 calories, so it’s great if you want to lose a couple of kilograms while still enjoying something sweet. 


Cucumber is a highly alkaline-forming food with a high water content that gets your kidneys and urinary system moving. Additionally, a cup of cucumber has less than 20 calories, so dig in and start detoxing. 


Raspberries are a very low-cal food that’s ideal for people who want to lose weight. They have a low glycemic index which means they have almost no effect on your blood sugar. They're also packed with antioxidants and polyphenols such as anthocyanin, flavonols, and ellagitannins, that have the power to decrease free radical damage.


Mint is not only a great way to cool in the summer, but it also aids digestion by improving the flow of bile into the gallbladder and to the small intestine where the dietary fats are digested. 


Water flushes out toxins, hydrates your cells and helps the weight loss. In the summer, your body needs water even more than during the rest of the year, so hydrate often. Water itself is a great way to rejuvenate and cleanse your system, but if you add detoxifying ingredients to it, it becomes even more effective. You can boost your detox and add some extra flavour to your water by infusing it with different herbs and fruits. Detox water recipes are quick and easy to make, and they will not leave a hole in your wallet.


Smoothies are healthy, refreshing, low-cal and you can drink them in any situation. If you mix your fruit with some greens, such as baby spinach, the result is a drink that will nourish and detoxify your body for the summer. You can try making a green detox smoothie with baby spinach, pineapple and celery, or a mango blueberry protein smoothie with chia seeds that are full of antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. Blend all the ingredients and you’re ready to go. There are many different blenders on the market today, but I swear by my Kenwood Australia blender that has been my faithful companion through many recipes. Smoothies are really easy to make, so there are no excuses!