Eat Like An Olympian

Eat Like an Olympian- Genevieve La Caze

When you think about the diet of an Olympic athlete, I’m sure you’re thinking of whole chickens, powders and carb loading pastas and breads, but the fuel an elite athlete needs to perform at peak condition isn’t always as it seems.   

Australian steeplechaser Genevieve La Caze gives us a sneak peek at her menu, which is surprisingly normal considering the training she does. As an added bonus, all of the below is easily accessible and affordable!

Genevieve trains every day of the week except for Fridays, and genuinely loves racing and competing for the steeplechase.

The steeplechase isn’t just your average athletic event. While competitors do run on a track, to complete the race they also have to clear 28 fixed barriers, and seven water jumps. This adds quite the unique twist to an already gruelling event!

Here are five things that Genevieve always includes in her diet on an average day.  

1.    Peanut Butter- I have this with a banana, and include a coffee as well before I start my training at 9.30am

2.    Greek Yoghurt- This is always a quick, easy, and healthy snack to prepare when I’m on the go

3.    Veggies- Plenty of those in the diet! I include veggies in both my lunch and dinner meals each and every day

4.    Soft Boiled Eggs- This is another inclusion in my main breakfast/lunch that I have after finishing my morning training session. I have this with some cottage cheese, 2 slices of ham, ½ avocado, ½ tomato all on a bed of spinach

5.    Cereal- I usually eat gluten free cereal as a snack, sometimes pairing it with the Greek yoghurt mentioned above

About Genevieve

Genevieve La Caze is representing Australia at this year’s Rio Olympic Games in the Steeplechase event, and has been setting a string of personal bests in the lead up to the big event. Genevieve is currently working with Flexiseq, a topical gel to help ease joints, and regularly uses it after training sessions.