The latest Aussie Superfood unearthed!

Guradji (ger-ra-je) is a previously undiscovered superfood that's recently been launched into Australia’s health and wellness scene. Guradji is a native Australian wonder plant used by indigenous people for thousands of years.

Gurạdji was traditionally used for its analgesic properties: chewed to relieve toothache, and brewed to calm pain or nausea. And also made into a paste to apply to cuts and scrapes for it's ability to reduce inflammation and speed up healing. 

But this miracle plant can also be used everyday as a great alternative to tea or coffee. Guradji is caffeine-free and loaded with incredible antioxidants and bitter compounds (similar to those found in green tea and cacao) shown to be anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and beneficial to gut health. 

So you can start sipping your way to health and mental clarity, LORE Australia has released it as a tisane, or a tea-like herbal infusion, that can be brewed hot or cold. 


LORE Australia founder, Jesse Gurujirr, learned about the Australian bush plant from his Aboriginal elders. "The plant gets its name for the 'Guradji Men' who dispensed the leaf. They were the holders of knowledge tradition and rules: The lore," he explains. "Guradji was shared as a way to welcome others and create a sense of community between clans."

In stark contrast to the regular Australian diet of today, Indigenous Australians utilised over 200 local and seasonal bio foods.

The cleansing and refreshing tisane is hand-picked from wild harvest and naturally sun-dried to preserve the health properties.