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Workout Gear To Transform Your Workout


Your running shoes, t-shirt, and shorts or pants are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the right workout gear for your needs. Today there is so much more in the way of gear, tech and equipment than can improve your workout, make physical activity more enjoyable, and manage your physical development. Whether your goals are to lose a few pounds or to train for a marathon, the right gear can have a huge impact. By Amy Medeiros

-        Wearable tracking devices - There are a variety of different types of wearable technology that can be used to track your workout, monitor your heart rate and track your general activity. Wrist trackers like Fitbit are very popular, but if wearing something on your wrist is not for you, straps that can be worn across your chest are a great alternative. There are also waterproof options available for swimmers like the Garmin Vivoactive.

-        Wireless In-ear Earphones – Earbuds that are worn in the ear tend to be a better fit for runners and many people who regularly work out. They provide improved audio quality over traditional earbuds. Wireless in-ear earphones ensure that you never have to deal with tangled cords or accidentally pulling them out with your movements. These earbuds are attached by a plastic band that rests on the back of your head, so you never have to worry about slipping or losing an earbud. 

-        Mobile training systems – Mobile training systems incorporate technology used in wearable tracking devices and goes beyond. They incorporate a smartphone app, a heart monitor and earbuds to track your fitness. You also get pre-made audio workouts delivered directly to you. 

-        Apps to improve your sports skills – There are a variety of apps on the market that allow you to target your skills for different sports. If you want to improve your swing for softball, tennis or golf, a sensor from Zepp Labs provides you real-time feedback and analytics that show you what you can do differently.

-        Target different areas – Another tech advancement to improve your workout is a device called Skulpt Chisel that determines the quality of your muscles in different parts of your body, as well as measuring body-fat percentage and more. It allows you to measure specific changes in your body over time. 

-        Relax Your Muscles – Rolling out your muscles with a foam roller is a great way to loosen up after a major workout. High tech rollers incorporate the foam roller and a multi-speed vibrating motor to help you relax your muscles in your body faster and more effectively post-workout. 

Take your workout to the next level by investing in workout gear that will help you meet and surpass your fitness goals. 

Author Bio: Amy is a Marketing Consultant for BroadbandSearch.net. She writes about business, marketing, technology and the Internet. On any given day you can find her practicing yoga and reading copious amounts of books. Follow her on Twitter @amymedeiros3