Mother's Day Matcha

As Mother's Day approaches, Health Bird speaks to mother and daughter team Erin and Jennifer,  the founders of Zen Green Tea, on how to work in harmony with your mum.

Four years ago they predicted matcha would become a huge health phenomenon and sourced the highest quality matcha from sustainable tea farms in Kyoto in Japan. Now with matcha bars popping up in hipster neighbourhoods and with Zen Green Tea being sold in over 3000 retailers across Australia - who better to offer these top five tips on creating a business and keeping a healthy relationship with your mum...

1. Understand your skills: I loved pushing forward to grow the business whereas my mum loved customer service so we both focused on those areas therefore each contributing the most value in tasks we most enjoyed.

2. Talk about your goals: Make sure you set up your business so you are both working toward achieving your goals. I wanted to grow my business whereas my mum wanted to help and spend more time with me until my dad retired and they could travel. 

3. Clear Communication: Establish time every week to provide feedback to one another to ensure clear and honest communication. Don't let your personal relationship stop you from raising concerns or improvement points.

4. Be ThankfulOften with family it can be easy to take them for granted. Ensure you always praise and thank your mum or daughter and be grateful to be able to work with them.

5.  Spend time together away from the business: It’s easy to let every conversation be about the business but it’s important to also get away from that and do other fun non business activities together

Entrepreneurial Mother-Daughter Duo, Jennifer and Erin

Entrepreneurial Mother-Daughter Duo, Jennifer and Erin

The Endless Health Benefits of Matcha

• 137 X antioxidants of standard green tea

• Boosts metabolism to aid in weight loss

• Cancer fighter and preventer

• Detoxifies naturally

• Increases energy

• Reduces stress, enhances mood

• Improves concentration

• Supports the immune system

• Clears, protects and maintains healthy skin