Couples Yoga! The new relationship trend!

When it comes to yoga, it's a constantly evolving practice that's been tipping the trend scales way before hipsters caught on and Instagram lit up with headstands and backbends. 

Shyamala Benakovic, Yoga Australia's CEO, is one flexible gal who's always meditating on ways to extend the practice. She shared with health bird her take on the top five yoga trends for 2016. 

Whether you want to skip couple's therapy for a relationship recalibrating asana session or teach your pooch to meditate - it's all here!

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Cultural diversification: Yogis in Australia are exploring the integration of aboriginal story telling into the practice versus the traditional connections to Hinduism.

SUP yoga: Asana practiced on the water, the perfect summer combination to increase balance and core strength.

Yoga Dance: The combination of yoga and dance helps to promote co-ordination and enhance the physical aspect while bringing in a variety of music genres.

Couples yoga: Designed to strengthen relationships both spiritually and physically.

Doga: Also know as dog yoga combines stretching, mediation and massage for owners and their furry friends.