The Future of Love

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, single, dating or other, we've all got love on the mind. Am I right, ladies?

So I got to wondering, what does the future of love, or finding and keeping love, hold? What I discovered really does make falling in love seem like a crazy idea!

Chris Riddell, Australia’s leading futurist,  has shed the love light on how technology is going to transform the way we connect and fall in love. Online dating already accounts for 25% of new relationships, and according to Chris, by the year 2031 half of all new couples will first meet online. But rather than swiping right, potential partners will be accessed via wearable tech not dissimilar to your FitBit. 

Dating sites as we know them today will all but disappear, and social media will become the cornerstone of new relationships. Sounds about as scary as a double dozen burpees. Right? But just like jump squats, it's actually not that bad at all... 

“Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives, and it's getting more intelligent by the day. With this intelligence, means that decisions can be made without us even touching a button. This is a very real future, and it’s powered by automation, robotics and artificial intelligence,” explains Chris Riddell.

Automatic Matching, wearable tech “swipes right” for you: Within just a few years, our wearable and smartphone devices will know if we are single, and if a compatible match is nearby. Once the match has been discovered, our devices will begin 'sexting' each other automatically, and then you'll be notified. 

“Imagine being notified of a match, whilst wearing your 'augmented reality contact lenses', and then being shown the direction of where the match is through your screen. If they're not in the same vicinity, you'll be able to use virtual reality technology to touch, feel and smell them remotely. Nobody will be too far away, and long distance relationships will become a thing of the past,” says Chris Riddell. 

Smell them remotely? Yes, that is what he said. 

Love Profiling: Once you've connected with your new potential date, this is where things get really interesting. You won't have to worry anymore about whether or not they're a good match. You'll then be given a full profile of the other individual, including their biometric details, their fitness and wellbeing likes, dislikes,  and what your potential children might look like. 

“Don't believe me? It's a lot closer than you think. DNA profiling companies are already available online, and harvesting this data. They've been doing it for years and it's allowing us to have very detailed insights into our health, and future,” explains Chris.

Robotic Companions: As if all that wasn't enough, within the next 15 years having two relationships at a time will be absolutely acceptable. The only catch is. One is with a robot. By the year 2031, we will have deep and personal relationships with robots every day of our lives. They will be helping us and with us 24 hours a day, and it'll be a new frontier. With the intelligence of robots getting smarter, you'll almost struggle to tell the difference between a robot and a human being. Apparently!