Summer Skincare

Summer skin needs special care. There's salty air, chlorine, humidity and sun to deal with. 

So I've narrowed down my go-to skincare brands for the season ahead for those of you in the southern hemisphere. 

La Mav

There are so many products to love in this organic skincare range. Every morning after cleansing with the Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser, or even before, I start with a spritz of the Rose Hydrating Mist. It's the perfect wake-up call to summer skin that's dealing with everyday oils, grime and salty air. The alcohol-free toner works to re-balance the skin's pH and diminish visible signs of ageing. Follow with the Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Creme to lock in hydration and radiance. 

Biology Smart Skincare

This genius brand balances the pH in your skin so it holds nutrients and hydrates with an acid mantle that acts as a barrier. The alternative is skincare with ingredients like sulphates, soaps, artificial fragrances.. that strip skin, lead to severe dryness and possibly infection. No thanks.

Typically, healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH balance of 5.6. Biology keeps it that way - neutralising chemicals and bacteria and keeping age at bay. I scrub with the Skin Smoothing Body Buff every other day and indulge skin in the Moisture Therapy Body Lotion after showering. For best results, apply to damp skin. 

Tata Haper

This purifying cleanser is my skin saviour. Gentle and exfoliating it's natural ingredients polish the skin to improve glow while purifying the complexion, ridding dead skin cells, minimising pores and maintaining the skin's natural hydration - a must after a day in the ocean. It's free of soaps, alcohol, parabens and detergents and packed with fresh enzymes, clays and essential oils.