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The Hanako Discovery - blends for pregnancy and beyond.

Rachel and Willow

Rachel and Willow

Rachel Holm, is mother, an energetic healer and the founder of the incredible brand, Hanako Therapies. Rachel and her husband Jeff suffered an immeasurable loss with the stillbirth of their daughter, Sierra, in 2009. This put them on an unchartered journey of discovery, travel, the birth of their daughter, Willow, and the creation of Hanako.

Hanako offers essential oil blends for Mamas, mums-to-be and babies. The all-natural therapeutic products are a healthy alternative to synthetic scents, they smell divine and embrace the healing powers of nature.

Health Bird chatted to Rachel about these most divine, organic, chemical-free products that I just can't get enough of!


What inspired you to create Hanako?

Hanako Therapies came about after a move to the USA for a year of adventure. After arriving, I realised that I now had to find a new circle of trusted practioners - acupuncturist, massage therapist, energy healer etc and while I was yet to find those people I began blending for balancing energetic purposes and as a natural perfume. Having studied a diploma in Energetic and Spiritual Healing, and Aromatherapy and Kundalini Yoga Teacher training in the US, the worlds all started to come together and I began infusing the blends with knowledge from my studies and my intuition. There was definite force coming from within, that I couldn’t quite make sense of at the time…. In the end I had a line of 34 products.


Did you already have an interested in organic/chemical-free ingredients?

Absolutely. Not only from many years earlier, but a more natural movement after I fell pregnant with my first baby. Something changes within you when you fall pregnant, where you want to make your environment as natural and toxic free as possible. You naturally start to think not only of your health but the health of your little growing one and wanting to create the best possible environment.


Why is this sort of product important for pregnancy and baby?

You want to look after yourself as much as possible when pregnant. Knowing that what you are putting onto your skin is natural and organic and above all supportive of the journey is huge. During pregnancy you are dealing with changing hormones, a changing body, a possible change of lifestyle, so at times it can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Hanako wants to support the process and bring focus back to the beauty and miracle of the moment.


Tell us more about the four products in the Mother/Baby range and how they compliment mums and bubs?

I AM… Bliss was created for new Mummys and the transition into parenthood. Supporting your space, keeping you calm, relaxed and spiritually and emotionally nourished at a time when it can seem slightly overwhelming. I AM… Bliss is an elixir of 14 different pure essentials along with gem and flower essences, crystal infused water and bathed in a beautiful ancient mantra. Simply spray it over the crown of the head and on and around the body. Take a deep breath, repeat the affirmation “I am calm, centred and at peace. I live from moment to moment. All is well" and let go.

HAPPY BABY was developed for little ones and their sensitivity to the new world. This blend helps to support their emotional balance by the essential oils and flower essences used specifically to soothe, calm and uplift their moods. Simply mist over the crown of their heads, onto their feet or mist into their room and on the pillow.

GOODNIGHT BABY is a blend of soothing and relaxing essential oils and flower essences that support your little one to let go of the day's adventures. Massaging their little precious feet before they go to bed has a very grounding effect and the benefits are plentiful. It is also a beautiful way to connect and bond using the power of your touch. 

PREGNANCY BLEND is a soothing, calming and uplifting blend for the Divine Mother to be. An elixir that encourages the calming of the heart and mind as you allow yourself to “be”, bloom and grow, and embrace the changes that go along with pregnancy. You are a miracle creating a miracle. Spray liberally on the neck and wrists and over the crown of the head, letting the mist fall through your energy field. Take a deep breath, repeat the affirmation and let go. Affirmation: I surrender to and embrace the change. My beautiful body adapts with ease and grace. I am joyous, relaxed and filled with peace."

As an energetic healer  - do you believe these products hold their own energetic healing powers - how so?

I do. Each ingredient that goes into the product is a beautiful, powerful and natural product of nature, which in itself carries their own vibrational and medicinal healing powers, and on top of that, is then made with conscious intention, love and care.