Why Mindfullness matters for your wellbeing

Wellbeing Check - The role of mindfulness in our overall health

Check in before you check out

Check in before you check out

Improve your overall health and wellbeing, by becoming mindful in your everyday choices. What choices you say? Well not necessarily where you'll buy your morning latte, but rather how much sleep you get each night, how much alcohol you will allow yourself to drink a week, how often you exercise, what your everyday diet is and how much water you imbibe a day. While some points are obvious, others can be a little harder to judge. That latte might help with alterness.. otherwise, take a look below for some of benefits associated with taking a mindful approach to your health.

 1.     It helps to relieve stress

When you stop and take a minute to digest what’s stressing you out, you will often find that the stress trigger is not as overwhelming as it once seemed. Take the time to think of small, step-by-step solutions to reduce the cause of your stress and you will soon find yourself improving a stressful situation or in some cases, realising that it’s not worth stressing about anyway.

2.     It helps you stay on track with a healthy diet

Leading Australia nutritionist and Blackmores (Australia's number one vitamin brand who just happen to be sponsoring the Australian Open, FYI!) influencer Dr. Joanna McMillan believes that mindfulness is really important to start becoming more in tune with your internal cues, your body telling you when you’ve had enough, and when you’re satisfied with the meal, rather than being responsive to external cues, seeing someone else eat something and wanting what they’re eating. McMillan also recommends that you avoid eating meals in front of the TV as you end up feeling less satisfied and may even forget that you’ve eaten. Follow McMillan’s number one tip, by only ever eating at the dining table (not on the couch!), using proper plates and cutlery and taking breaks between bites to allow yourself to eat more mindfully. 

3.     It allows you to be more conscious of your life

Co-founder of Flow Athletic and Blackmores influencer Kate Kendall uses the RAA technique to re-connect with herself. She explains that the first R stands for ‘reconnect’; take five minutes in the morning to breathe deeply and reconnect with yourself. The first A is ‘aware’, and it stands for focusing wholeheartedly on whatever you are doing at that moment, without distractions. The second A stands for ‘authentic’, or making decisions for your greater good and the greater good of everyone around you. Using the RAA technique offers a really stable foundation from which you can kind of move forwards in the direction of your own dreams. 

We often focus on improving individual aspects of our health such as fitness, nutrition and relaxation. Rather than seeing these as separate individual health aspects, we need to start looking at them as pieces of a puzzle that help to achieve our overall wellbeing – a content, happy and healthy state of the mind and body. Take the Blackmores Wellbeing Check today to take the guesswork out of your health and get a personalised assessment detailing areas you may wish to be more mindful of to improve your wellbeing.