Boxing Day Bikini Body

So you wanna feast at Christmas, but still hit the beach in your cossie come Boxing Day? Well there no reason you can't be bikini ready despite tucking into some turkey and treats.  Just follow these tips from some of Australia's top health and wellness experts to maintain a Boxing Day Bikini Body

Peta Shulman – Founder of GoodnessMe Box

The holidays are a time to indulge- it’s all about letting your hair down, enjoying time with friends and family and having that extra slice of pudding! However, that doesn’t mean you have to completely throw your healthy lifestyle out the window. A good way to ensure you maintain your health during the holidays is to offer to bring dessert yourself! Think chia puddings instead of bread and butter puds, bliss balls instead of rumballs, pumpkin brownies and more. I love the three-ingredient chocolate truffle recipe found in our Decadent Desserts e-book, by Melbourne-based nutrition student Alicia, @balanced.basic- it’s just almond meal, chia seeds and choc-hazelnut spread. Options like this taste so naughty that none of your relatives will know they are nice! 

Peta Shulman

Peta Shulman

Belinda Reynolds, Dietitian, Nutritionist and BioCeuticals Educator

Christmas can, more than not, often mean lots of big meals enjoyed with friends and family, and therefore the stress of keeping completely healthy can often seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! There’s no reason why you can’t indulge and enjoy a little treat here and there at Christmas time.

In saying that, I aim to focus on healthy snacks and nibbles that include raw veggies and delicious healthy dips, plus nuts and some great cheese as a treat. Meals focus on protein sources (e.g. prawns, smoked salmon, chicken, ham off the bone) and lots of great fun and creative salads.  

I always steer clear of breads and other sides which are high in refined carbohydrates. For dessert, I love dark chocolate, or cacao mixed in with coconut yoghurt, a little stevia for sweetness, strawberries and a superfood-type sprinkle of nuts, seeds and dried berries).

Lauren Hannaford – PT and IsoWhey Sports Ambassador

When it comes to the Silly Season and Christmas, it’s hard to deprive yourself of all the delicious food you’re surrounded by. It’s become more and more a festival of food at this time of year, so rather than trying to pretend that I don’t want to eat the pudding or sit there gritting my teeth the whole time depriving myself, instead of just digging right in and thinking I will be able to control myself, I go for the healthiest options first!! I fill my plate with the salads and veggies first before I opt for that heavenly looking potato bake. If I’m still hungry 10 minutes after having the 'healthy food' then I usually grab a smaller plate and put some of the 'not so healthy' bits and pieces on- it’s all in the balance and moderation!

Andrew Pap – PT and IsoWhey Sports Ambassador

Christmas is a time of celebrating with family and friends. I know it seems to be tradition to unbuckle the belt and consume as much food as possible, but, your waistline doesn't have to be in jeopardy! I know for myself, I still maintain my training and a well-balanced diet as if it's like any other time of the year. 

My family and I like to prepare food that's healthy, nutritious and fresh. I enjoy seafood, lean meats, creative salads and pastas. I visualise the food as my perfect recovery source for my mornings training and look forward to take the leftovers for future prepped meals. Everything in moderation is the key to longevity and success. 

Kate Kendall - Co-founder and Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic

Over Christmas my eating style is fairly similar to every other day in the summer months – light, clean and fresh. I try to incorporate quick and easy ways to add extra nutrition into my food where possible, for example with the Blackmores Superfoods range. The only change would be a higher intake of fruit and liquorice all sorts! I grew up on an orchard in the country so when I go home to see the family, there’s an abundance of delicious stone fruit and other goodies in the fridge and fruit bowl. And my Mum and I both have a thing for liquorice so there’s always some lying around for us. It’s a Christmas tradition. 


Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall