Top 5 Açai Bowls in Miami

During a few trips to Miami this year - one for a rather memorable birthday and another to shoot some exciting swimwear (watch this space) including hot new label Midnight Swim - I made it my business to uncover the best Açai bowls by the beach. 

Açai is a Brazilian super fruit said to have immunity-boosting, antioxidant and energising powers and it sure as hell tastes good. Frozen and whipped up, garnished with berries, coconut, cacao and whatever else you desire, it also looks like some damn fine breakfast-bowl art. 

Here's where to get your superfood fix when you're down in Miami-Dade...

Under the Mango Tree

There's plenty of bowls to choose from at this organic cafe located on sixth St in South Beach. But I can't go past the Superfood Bowl - a blend of raw açai, banana, spirulina and maca. Topped with granola, sliced banana, coconut shavings, goji berries and local honey. Hell, yes. Wash it down with their superfood frappucino. 

Cacao Superfood Açai bowls with all the trimmings

Cacao Superfood Açai bowls with all the trimmings

Jugo Fresh

Head to their Sunset Harbour location for their namesake Sunset Harbour Bowl. Topped with Brazilian nut crumble, bananas, strawberries, coconut flakes, cacao nibs and raw honey.

Raw Republic

If you've got a sweet tooth, their PBA (Peanut Butter) Bowl will halt your craving. But my fave... the Arcadia that has all the usual trappings of a kickers açai bowl, with almond milk, dates, kale and peanut butter for a Florida taste sensation. 

Green Life Organic Bistro

When it comes to their almond butter bowl, it's more what's not in this deluxe medley of açai excellence than is. Berries, berries, berries topped with whipped açai that's been infused with guarana and banana. Granola, coconut and cacao nibs top it off. 

Almond Butter Bowl ready to mouth full

Almond Butter Bowl ready to mouth full

Apple A Day

According to the Miami New Times, no one does açai bowls like the Apple a Day Natural Food Market in Miami Beach. Filled with massive amounts of raw, organic frozen açaí pulp, freshly peeled banana, and freshly juiced organic apples, their ingredients is whizzed up in a  Vitamix and churned into a mouthwatering frozen delight.