Stop Animals Suffering and Save Our Planet - Just GO VEGAN

With January being the month of resolutions and body overhauls, why not try going vegan?

Veganuary - yep, that's really a thing - is encouraging peeps to try a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. It kicked off in the UK last year and since being promoted in the US and Australia this year has already had 10,000 people sign up to the website with many more visiting and no doubt swapping steak for something that found its way to their plate in a much less sadistic way. 

Veganuary is the very bright idea from two animal lovers, Matthew Glover and Jane Land, from the UK. The idea is that you adopt a vegan diet and in turn reduce the suffering of animals and our planet

Did you know over 150 billion animals are slaughtered every year for the meat, dairy and egg industries? Shocking, isn't it. And this does not include animals slaughtered in shelters, in captivity, in laboratories or that are bred for slavery. 

There are many awesome recipes available on the Veganuary site, as well as plenty of information about the plight of animals who feel pain and emotion just as we do. 

Earthlings is just one documentary, said to be one of the most violent films ever made, that highlights the immeasurable suffering animals go through just so humans can have them on their plate. Warning - this film is graphic and I found it unbearable to watch in parts.

Other films I recommend for would-be vegans include:


The Animals Film

Forks Over Knives