No kitchen skills? No worries

Often it's the simplest food philosophies that create the tastiest meals. That's what Bianca Monley of Eat Fit Food was banking on when she turned her flavour-mazing and nourishing wholefoods recipes - free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, additives and chemicals - into a home and office delivery system that now has Sydney and Melbourne's busy foodies, overtired mums and frustrated cooks raving. 

Eat Fit Food delivers fresh food daily, (you wake up and there it is on your doorstep, could it be any easier!) and I was lucky enough to experience the five-day cleanse program on a trip home to Sydney in September. 

Eat Fit Food home-delivered meals

Eat Fit Food home-delivered meals

There are plenty of programs on offer for both men and women. All meals are calorie conscious and portion controlled and designed to reset your eating behaviour when you've overindulged, perhaps during winter, a trip overseas or just an eat-a-thon of a weekend. It happens!

I was delivered fresh balanced meals each morning that promised to improve my vitality, digestive function and nutrient absorption. 

Here's a sample of what I ate:

Breakfast: Natural muesli with biodynamic yoghurt and rhubarb

Lunch: Grilled fish with quinoa and black bean salad with lime dressing

Dinner: Lime and coconut poached prawns with quinoa noodles and asian greens

I definitely felt lighter and energised eating EFF's prepared meals - that were tailored to my requirements, ie. no red meat or dairy. And the ease of heating them up was welcome.

What really excites me about Eat Fit Food is that they take pride in sourcing sustainably farmed ingredients and are environmentally conscious of their packaging and delivery in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. 

The EFF peeps have also acquired the Eat Fit Food Farm where they'll grow lots of delicious organic produce to promote the paddock to plate way of eating. Follow the food delivery specialists on Twitter for more info.

Proving their popularity among the fit and fabulous, their celebrity endorsements from personalities like Rachel Finch, Miranda Kerr, Hugh Jackman and Ronan Keating are just as glowing as mine.