Retro Sweat!

Get your leg warmers out girls, and guys! Retro Sweat - a full-on 80's aerobics workout - steps up to Bondi on Thursday August 7th. 

Shannon Dooley, the NIDA acting graduate, FIA qualified fitness trainer and founder of Retrosweat, was so overwhelmed with lycra-clad attendees that she's moved her 1980s freestyle aerobics classes from the mirrored dance hall at Redfern's PCYC to bigger dig at the Bondi Pavilion.

Get set for a full-body cardio and tone-a-thon set to 12 banging 80's tracks. Crunch to Wham, star jump to Madonna and squat to Prince. 

“Retrosweat is for anyone who wants to have fun and get a sizzlinʼ  hot bod simultaneously. Each session burns calories and tones your entire body. It strengthens your heart, improves posture, flexibility, co-ordination and confidence," says Shannon. 

Now, where's my leotard?

Retrosweat classes take place on Tuesday and now Thursday nights.

Tuesday - 7.00pm for a 50-minute class at the Redfern PCYC , 638 Elizabeth Street, Redfern.

Thursday - 7.00pm for a 50-minute class at the Bondi Pavilion  Seagull Room, Bondi Beach.

Classes cost $15.00.