What's not to love about tea.. Perfect in the morning, afternoon and evening, when you're feeling up, down or upside down!

Now there's a tea that's as good a remedy as an eight-hour sleep or two-hour facial. It's the Queen B Beauty Queen Tea Complexion Cleanse. Promising to replenish collagen and elastin while eliminating blemishes and flakiness.. 

Sip from a china cup, and let the flavours of bed clover, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, calendula petals and burdock root warm your throat all the while knowing you're doing your dermis a huge herbal favour.

Queen B also offer weightloss management teas, a 7, 14, and 21-day detox program, sleep aid teas, hot chocolate and green coffee amongst other delights.

I’m already sold on the cute packaging and soothing taste and the fact that all the anti-oxidant ingredients are organically sourced. Let’s hope I wake up tomorrow with an über glow too!