What's your craving carousel?

Founder of White Zebra, Fiona Caddies discusses our ‘craving carousel’- foods we naturally turn to when we feel ‘flat.’ We’re all guilty of food cravings. That mid-afternoon low, or that after dinner TV time, our thoughts can linger on a particular food until our temptation is relinquished. For those out there with excellent willpower, a small distraction can be enough to divert palpitate thoughts elsewhere, but for the majority, a sweet craving cannot be put to rest until something is consumed.

Get your natural highs and satisfy food craving with a few simple food alternatives:


Water Fuel.
Wake up to a glass of water with lemon & a probiotic, which sets up the digestive tract for balance throughout the day.   

Fruit is clean fuel for the body

Our sweet tooth often becomes present when we’re in an energy slump. Substituting a piece of fruit for that bar of chocolate will not only save you from consuming refined carbohydrates and excess calories, but will provide you with an easy way to increase your fibre intake and give you an energy boost until your next meal. Berry Botox-Berries are a high-fibre powerhouse high in antioxidants. Boasting a berry- a concentration of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C and bone-building vitamin K, berries will take the edge off the sugar craving and provide you with berry beneficial delights for digestion.  The darker the berry, the greater it’s phytochemical content and the more likely its reputed health benefits.

Make a Smoothie.

Superfoods are super powered and can be  adjusted to everybody’s taste and dietary requirements; a beverage that contain as little or many nutrients and calories that your body requires. Adding a natural sweetener such as honey or maple syrup can really help to kick those sweet cravings at any time of the day. 

For a delicious craving-kicking snack, combine in a blender ¾ cup unsweetened almond milk, a banana, handful of raspberries and a teaspoon of each LSA mix and your choice of sweetener (dairy/gluten/FODMAP friendly) in place of your regular ‘treat’ snack. Enjoy!

Protein Power Breakfast  

Change your daily habit and replace your bowl of sugar-laden muesli with something packing some protein punch. A good breakfast consists of a protein and fat source (i.e. eggs & avocado or meat & nuts). This will set you up for the day, feeling motivated and focused whilst maintaining satiety right through to lunch. Whilst it's optional to add some vegies to boost your vitamin and minerals in to your mix, the main focus for brekky is to keep your carbohydrate portion down at this time so aim for mainly herbs and greens like spinach or rocket. 

Prevent jumping straight on the blood glucose rollercoaster first thing in the morning. This will have you reaching straight for the caramel latte and muffin by 10am! Rather live by this...

Protein and fat brekky =  stable blood glucose by day, irritability and tiredness kept at bay.


The Food You Crave.

You may want to read that again just in case you didn’t believe me the first time; but believe it or not, having a small amount of food that you crave will benefit your feelings of deprivation. Depriving yourself of something can sometimes prolong cravings and result in an unhealthy binge. When consuming your desired food make sure you are only consuming a small amount and combine it with a healthier snack, such as some nuts or veggie sticks to keep you fuller for longer and help you avoid the guilt trip.

A Cup of Coffee.
So we have already established that cravings are most likely to hit when the body is in a bit of an energy downfall. Having the occasional cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer!) never hurt anyone and it will provide a caffeine hit that will keep you upbeat until your next meal. Coffee is also a great excuse to be social, which is a pick me up in itself!

Australia’s burgeoning wholesome living scene has inspired the launch of WHITE ZEBRA.COM (www.whitezebra.com), an educational lifestyle website designed for health enthusiasts who want to deepen  and enhance their individual fitness and wellbeing.

Fiona Caddies

Fiona Caddies