Eat Plant Food

Start your day like this.. With fruit and plant food. Why? Because fruit and greens break down the quickest in your digestive system therefore leaving room for all the other goodness you put in your body today to move through at its own pace.
Fruit takes approx 20-30 mins to digest
Starches a few hours
Animal proteins take even longer as they are the hardest to break down.
Eating plant food on an empty stomach ultimately means you’re absorbing all the minerals and nutrients too as there is no sludge blocking the way. And importantly, you are not using all that energy you gathered overnight during your shut-eye trying to digest a heavy breakfast. What a great way to avoid the mid-morning slump!
So, get juicing, pressing or blending. Today I’m drinking: kale, iceberg lettuce, pear, apple, zucchini, cucumber, mint and lime.
Good morning! X