To the Rescue

Travelling can be a little stressful! I just returned from 10 days in Paris and London. I loved every second of it – walking in the rain through Paris‘s cobbled streets, discovering designer boutiques in story-book arcades, braving the crowds at Topshop!.. But the flights, argh, especially with my multiple carry-ons on the way home, well, there was a little gritting of the teeth. That is until I remembered I had Rescue Remedy in my bag. It’s the original and the best stress reliever or just plain old calmer-downer. A few drops on the tongue and no X-ray machine, screaming child, queue for the loo or flight turbulence could get me down.

Rescue Remedy was developed over 60 years ago by a forward-thinking homeopath, Dr Edward Bach. His recipe of flower essences – Rock Rose for terror or panic, Cherry Plum for fear or losing control, Star of Bethlehem for feelings of shock, Clematis for inattention and impatiens for impatience and irritability – has restored the inner calm of brides to be, Learner drivers, school graduates, new employees and overactive minds before bedtime.

This little lifesaver comes in several different forms including spray, pastilles and cream. All handbag size and available at selected pharmacies and health food stores.