ARIA Pilates

After a decade of practicing Pilates, both GRC and mat classes, I doubted there was a move I didn’t know.. that is until I had a one-on-one withDaniella Ehrlich, owner/instructor at ARIAPilates which has studios in Sydney’s Paddington and Double Bay.

After arriving at the boutique studio in Paddington - that is complete with reformers, cadillac trapeze and wunda chair - Daniella completed a postural assessment on my slightly lopsided self (thanks to a complicated relationship with scoliosis), discussed my concerns and goals (strengthen, tone, maintain) then proceeded to challenge my hip flexors with gravity-defying positions on the ‘caddy’.


Next up was the Wunda Chair. My first time on this apparatus and I know why! Hello abs and glutes! Complaints aside, it felt good to start a love/hate relationship with rarely felt muscles.. you know the ones that are hiding under the usual burners that only rear up when you start a new workout, get a new PT or actually pay attention to what you’re doing instead of just going through the motions?? Yep, because I hadn’t had the benefit of a teacher who’d taken individual interest, which is the philosophy at ARIA, I hadn’t worked these babes for a while.

In no way am I against group classes, I go all the time to belt out 45 minutes on the GRC or find my core on my matt, but I’d encourage anyone to try something a little more boutique and reap the benefits.