Jolly Java not so Ho Ho Ho

In case you hadn't noticed Jingle Bells ringing out from department store floors and decorations bedazzling the gym check-in, Christmas is upon us!

Aside from fighting the pressie-shopping crowds and having one too many at the office Christmas party, this time of year also heralds your local coffee house morphing your regular morning latte into a sugar-tastic Secret Santa takeaway. 

Before you decide to indulge in this festive 'treat' it's worth knowing just what your putting into your body.

Starbucks offerings include the Gingerbread Latte which has a whopping 31g of sugar in the Tall (12oz) size while the Grande (16oz) has 39g of sugar. The popular Eggnog Latte which will send your arteries into overdrive with its 39g sugar content in small serving and 48g in the 16oz!!! 

What's even more mind boggling is that fans of the Eggnog caffeine jolt turned foaming mad when Starbucks dropped the drink (in favor of the Praline Chestnut Latte - 270 calories in the small size for the record) from its holiday season line-up! 

Spreading the festive cheer is Dunkin' Donuts with their cookie-in-a-cup Sugar Cookie and Snickerdoodle Cookie Latte (yes, really). If you dare to put your lips on the super sweet Snickerdoodle (how some people drink these daily is anyone's guess) you'll be imbibing 220 calories, 6g of fat and 34g of sugar in the small serving... if you're really looking to shock your adrenals, knocking back a large delivers 450 calories, 12g of fat and 68g of sugar. 

Active women aged 18 - 50 are recommended 1600 - 2200 calories, so you do the maths on that one.

As for just how much sugar is that?.. 68 grams of sugar EQUALS 17 tablespoons of sugar. Would you scoop that into your gob on any given day? Do I hear a 'No way!'

Facts and Figures:

Dunkin' Donuts scored 27% of their revenue in the last quarter of 2013, while Starbucks upped their bucks 12% during 2013's holiday season. 

The average Starbucks customer spends $6 per visit. That's $2,100 per year, adding up to a $300,000 in a lifetime (with interest). You could own a brand new Maserati or put a deposit on a beach house with that kinda coin!

Tip: If you must try these jolly javas order the small serving, once a week only and say your healthy prayers afterwards!

Stay off the sugar! Why? 1 in 3 children born since the year 2000 will develop diabetes. 50 percent will be obese by 2030.

Stay tuned for my healthy hot chocolate recipe....