The Ninja Turtle of Green Smoothies

I've nailed the ultimate green machine of a smoothie... this one will turn even a Ninja Turtle greener.

Here's how it goes...

Hit your local farmer's market.. for me it's Union Square Green Market, NYC.

Grab yourself some organic:

Kale - the king of green

Mustard Greens - adds a peppery bite

Lettuce (Romaine, butter - your choice)


Kiwi fruit - for a little sweetness

Apples (I recently picked some at an upstate orchard and they're crunch-tastic!) and lemons. 

Pile all this into your blender. I just invested in a Vitamix 300 series and have been powering it up each and every day!

I added:

Grapefruit seed extract - a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

Sun Potion organic chlorella powder 

Coconut water

Ice cubes

Whizz this up and viola! - you have a very green smoothie to cleanse those insides out before Halloween hits!

If you want something a little sweeter, try adding a frozen banana or pineapple. But the Kiwi, apple and coconut water already add a sugar content so don't go overboard!

I make enough for two big glasses but this is a drink you can make a big batch of and freeze for three - five days. 

Enjoy, Greenies!