Unleash Your Inner Beast!

The Monster Cycle + Studio is not the place to go if you want to tame the beast within. The Monster crew are all about unleashing that inner fitness frustration and screaming out 'HELL YEAH!' While you're at it!

The latest cycle and yoga studio to cement itself in New York's Soho isn't really all that scary though, in fact when I took a spin class with co-founder Michael, he couldn't have been more welcoming. Bonus points for putting me on a bike next to a very fit and fast Ewan McGregor!

Riding at Monster, in their pitch black 'bassment', is a multi-media experience. Mega TV screens blasting out the last music videos means you can't not have a good time... And there are often theme nights. Beyoncé and Jay Z rocked it the night I spun out. 



The following week I attended a Vinyasa yoga class in the 'Pentagram Studio' - stretching and flexing in the glow of an 11-foot pentagram enhanced the zen experience. While most of you know by now that I'm a Jivamukti junkie, I like to mix up my yoga at different studios and with different teachers to ensure muscle movement diversity. The Monday night class with Amy didn't disappoint - I worked up a sweat shaping into Amy's take of traditional postures. 

Healthbird spoke to Sarah, one of three partners who opened The Monster Cycle + Studio, about seamlessly incorporating working out with art and fashion.

How did you come up with the name Monster Cycle?
Michael is the brainchild behind the concept of a visual ride. He put together Lady Gaga centric ride in which he played solely Gaga via music videos. It was such a hit he continued the experience in all his class at the gyms he formerly taught at. At the time Gaga had a song called Monster which was the inspiration behind the name The Monster Cycle. When we partnered and decided to open a fitness boutique we added the + studio to the name to encompase all aspects of the brand.
It’s a creative space with installations, artwork and a nightclubby feel - what added experience do you hope this gives the client?
Our cycling program - being a video multimedia ride - already gives us a step beyond what is being offered in the market. We wanted to carry that branding throughout the entire studio. Our hashtag is ‘Fitness is the new nightlife’ so we thrived to incorporate art and nightlife into the studio concept. All three of us love fashion, art, music…. And a good party! :) We thought, 'Let’s bring that vision into the health, wellness and fitness sector. Let’s make exercise an experience unparalleled to anything out there.'
What's are your backgrounds in the fitness world and when did the idea for Monster Cycle + Studio come about?
Michael has been an instructor for seven years. I met Michael one day when I walked into his class at the gym. His energy when teaching and music selection was unbelievable and incomparable to other classes. He made me look forward to working out. I became friends with him and his husband Demetre. About a year later I was ready to leave my job in the event industry - I was feeling restless and really wanted to switch careers into the fitness world. I was looking into opening a cycle studio in London. I saw it as a real opportunity as it's a rather unchartered market with regard to boutique fitness studios. Michael and I went for coffee one day and he told me he was ready to go out on his own and asked if I wanted to partner with him and Demetre and open up a studio here in NYC. Gagging over the idea, I quickly said yes! Six months later The Monster Cycle + Studio was born.
Monster Cycle has lockers, towels, a water filling station (but no bottles) and a juice bar for refuelling. Book your class now!